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Topic: De-dollarization and the roll of precious metals at the 16th Int. Natural Health and Foods Expo Sept 23-24, Sarasota FL

Andrew (“Andy”) ­ Schectman has been a prominent figure in the financial services industry for 30 years, during which he has served as President and owner of Miles Franklin, Precious Metals, Ltd.  Will be speaking at the 16th Int. Natural Health and Foods Expo, Sept 23-24th, Sarasota, FL.   Contact: [email protected] for info re exhibiting, tickets, program guide ads.  216-533-2273


Nations are rejecting the U.S. dollar as efforts to trade in other currencies are ramping up. The BRICS+ nations are making new moves to create their own reserve currency. Precious metals are a life-raft in the face of dedollarization, says Miles Franklin's CEO and president Miles Franklin.  

U.S. Dollar Hegemony Coming to an End, Gold to Benefit: Andy Schectman

Soon after starting Miles Franklin, Ltd. in 1992, Andrew became a Licensed Financial Planner, specializing in Swiss Franc Investments and alternative investments.  

At Miles Franklin Ltd., a company that has recently eclipsed $8 billion in sales, Andrew has developed an operation that maintains trust, collaboration, ethical behavior, superior customer service and satisfaction to better serve their clients.  

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He is responsible for overseeing the firm's operations and business functions; including strategic planning, account management, finance, and new business. Andrew has distinguished himself as a successful entrepreneur, a foremost expert on the precious metals industry and a reputable speaker on economics, global investing, and foreign currencies. 

We have been in business for 30 years in Minnesota. 

We have done over eight billion in gross sales without ever having a customer or regulatory complaint. Ever! Spend a few minutes on google, you won't find one. That's something we are very proud of especially in a federally non-regulated industry. 

We maintain an A+ rating with the BBB and are one of only 24 companies worldwide to ever be approved by the U.S. Mint as an authorized reseller of their product. 

The Minnesota state regulations set us apart nationally.  Minnesota is the only state in the country to regulate the federally non-regulated precious metals industry.  Minnesota licensing requires us to be beholden to the Commissioner of Commerce with a very large surety bond, annual background checks of all employees and principals and compliance regulations that no other state maintains. This licensing all but guarantees you the most secure transactions in the industry.

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