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The name speak for itself [ which is what they sincerely represent/ and is about for quite some time and with an enormous followers/ and with and effective circulation ].  Advertisement with Healthy REFERRAL has assisted  / enabled PURE & SUPREME CUISINE to grow [ to acquire new customers who plan / goal is to maintain or to improve their health] … and had brought our business great results [ increase of over 100% of new customers].  Their News Paper has made a significant impact regarding the growth of our business.

PURE & SUPREME CUISINE  2064 South Taylor Road  Cleveland Heights,  Ohio 44118  216 527-4477 

The most excellent newspaper on health and alternative medicine with reliable writers and profiles featuring articles on alternative doctors that you won’t see elsewhere.  I commend Healthy Referral for their meticulous research in alternative medicine.  -Violet Spevak, Age 97, long time Cleveland Jewish News Columnist Calvacade.

Hi, Marchia,

It was sooooo nice to meet you. I think Ellie and I both felt in love with you.  I noticed that Ellie was so comfortable talking to you. You are just such a wonderful person. I think our company is fortunate enough to meet some of the greatest people during our first 6 month of opening which I never thought we would have. I am sending you some of our images and ad contents to you. You can decide whichever goes better on the ad and space limitation. I will send you a separate email for Ellie’s note and our article.

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Ellie & Jen Peters-Let us commemorate special memories by personalizing your favorite natural soaps! www.cool2sweet.com 

I have found Healthy Referral to have some of the most interesting health articles that I have ever read.  Many of the articles I have encountered within dealt with topics in health that other health publications that I have seen had not approached with a holistic view.  May you enjoy another 25 yrs.  I wish you well with success.  Rocco Rolenz, Akron, OH 

It was so good to meet you, too. I was really excited about your paper and�� the possibility of advertising in it and writing for it. I read the whole thing when I got home and I love the diversity of writers and articles. It was so refreshing to read a paper that was ALL positive. The other cool thing is that I have always wanted to go to Lake Chautauqua because my yoga instructor raves about it all the time -Melissa Cairns, Race Director On My Own Two Feet, Kent, OH  …committed to advocacy and empowerment of survivors of abuse by supporting, physical, mental, and spiritual well being.  www.onmyowntwofeet.org 

Hello Tom, I had a chance to review “Healthy Referral” it’s more than a magazine. I found it to be extremely inspiring and the information was diverse. Your magazine can defiantly capture the attention of hospitals, schools, educational institutions and the general public world/ wide. The magazine reads different from other magazines, Lot’s of inviting information you don’t find in other Health Magazines, in California. All The Best, Arvel  “Pitching Hollywood Concepts To Major and Independent Studios” 

The paper is a wealth of knowledge.  Thanks so much for giving me a copy. I spent more time on it than the Plain Dealer! You should be very proud of your son!  Donna 

Thank you for following through and keeping me posted.  You two are both unique for this area of Florida. Harvey Pearlman, Licensed and certified Massage Therapist for 25 years, and with extensive and continuing post-graduate course work in BodyTalk™   Thank you both for your magnificent and outstanding support of my Healing Laser Seminar and Holistic Practice!!!   Best Regards, Harvey Pearlman  www.harveypearlman.com 

These guys are awesome..(true members of the merchant priesthood thank you for your decades of service to our community-ayman, founder/Co-creator of Emotional Literacy books. International trade and business. Ayman has successfully founded and personally funded many companies; given a variety of international speeches; executive produced award-winning movies and a variety of television shows with major Hollywood studios.

Dear Tom and Marchia;Healthy Referral is great!  A Newspaper for the 21st Century.  It has such an array of Healthy topics, covering mind, body, soul, and environment. Healthy Referral also provides companies with a much broader consumer base by offering a variety of advertizing plans.  I believe Healthy Referral is an excellent tool to use in my quest for a healthier life, and a successful business.  I have and will continue to share Healthy Referral with others, and look forward to future exciting issues.Rosalind W. Batson, Owner  WittBatson Company 1178 East Aurora Road-330.289.6453 www.ardysslife.com  www.ardysslife.com/betterlife4u

“Healthy Referral is a wonderful informational resource regarding complementary and integrative health information.”  Howard Hall, Ph.D., Psy.D., BICIA Faculty Case Western Reserve University and Rainbow Babies, University Hospitals (there is no implied endorsement from the institutions mentioned). 

“Unity is pleased to have used Healthy Referral as one of the many new resources that are focused on supporting the mind, body, and spirit of each person. We certainly recognize the value of these important interconnections. And as Unity continues to seek new and beneficial ways to inspire and support people of all faiths, we are also realizing the value and benefits of a relationship with an organization like Healthy Referral.”  Kim West, Director Marketing Unity, Unity Village, MO. 

*”I just wanted you to know how wonderful your publication has been for my business. Having tried many different avenues to market my business, your newspaper has brought me more business than any of the other areas I have tried. Thanks again!” Debora Murray, PME The Apothecary and Skin Care Complete 

Thanks for your fax on the expo. We would definitely be interested in being included. I continue to see people who heard me speak at the last expo and continue to get calls from people who have seen us in the Healthy Referral. You are very wonderful people and Jan and I look forward to our continued association.” Edwards Smith, M.D. Maharishi Ayur Veda Medical Center. 

*”Tom and you have done a fine job helping many patients receive the necessary care and attention needed for their particular health concerns.” Dr. Gary Domanick DC, Treasurer District 5, Ohio State Chiropractic Association. 

*Tom thanks for sharing with me your new tab. I was amazed at its depth. More than any other publication, it covers the entire industry of those involved in providing health enhancement services.” John McCarthy, Ex. Director Int. Racquet Sports Association. 

“I like the Healthy Referral.  It is full of wisdom and knowledge rather than all the negative stuff in this world.  There is so much good all around, if we only see it.” Beatrice Keeler Woods, 102 years young. 

"I cannot tell you how much I enjoy Healthy Referral. I look forward to each issue and the enlightenment that it brings. I enjoy learning about what I can do for myself and others rather than being reminded what can’t or shouldn’t be done. It is also so convenient to have a source for both human and environmental health concerns. And how I wish there was a way to go to all the special events noted. Healthy Referral even makes sure I have the latest information on new products.This redefines the idea of going the extra mile. Wow!” Celeste Owens- Assoc. Producer/Pres. Local Market Sales Duke and the Doctor-nationally syndicated health talk show 

I started my path on natural health back in 1985.   There were two people out there pioneering the way already.  Those two people were Tom Katovsky and Marchia Minor.  They were sincere and very interested in educating people on how to be smart about making healthy choices.  I remember going to health shows that they offered with food demonstrations and exhibitors.  Healthy dinners and banquets were offered with a number of great speakers.  One item in particular was so very important to them and that was Spirulina.  I never saw anything so green!  Interesting enough, they were on the right track, as it is still a very important food source to have to this day and will continue to be. They weren’t following the “main stream”, they were paving the way for others. 

Today, they are still out there and have a very large following.  People from all over the world are listening to them.  They keep an open mind and are always looking for ways to increase their own and other peoples understanding of maintaining greater health.  Two very positive, upbeat and health oriented people.   They are a great asset to our community and the world.  Thank you Tom and Marchia.  You two can always be counted on for being there.

Sandie A. Sajner, LPN, LMT Atrium of Painesville/1928 North Ridge Road,Painesville, Ohio 44077 440 357 2874 

“Tom comes highly recommended, as Tom has been fighting the good fight for at least, the last 10 years that I have done business with him & his company.  He has been generous to everyone he meets, and has pioneered many righteous causes, that most won’t take the time for.  His publication, brings in a Healthy return and the events that they host have been some of the best, marketing/networking events for our industry.”  Year first hired: 1997 (hired more than once)  Joe Caggiano International Hair Replacement, GM 

“What caught my immediate attention about the Healthy Referral Newspaper Was that it lives up to it’s name – it refers the reader to a great variety of health matters – food to finances.  But, even more exciting, it is not biased, it allows an excellent mix of opinions on the same health  topic.  In my case, I come from a Christian, Biblicist, health viewpoint – I can eat any food according to God’s dietary laws as long as I eat them in moderation.    Jack Windisch-International Financial Intermediary”

JIM CHONES-former Cavalier and Los Angeles Laker Pro basketball Center

After talking to Tom Katovsky, he sold me on the health magazine, Healthy Referral. After I read a few issues, came to the conclusion that it was more than just health information, that could be discussed at breakfast or lunch. But it was a lifestyle, a culture. That’s what I was looking for in my writings. A distribution vehicle that was authentic and real. Something that was part of me. Not commercial and fake. That’s what Healthy Referral denotes for me. The information between the pages is just not information, but life saving knowledge. We all know that the struggle for most of us, is not our social standing within the society or our lack of sufficient economic prowess and our weak spiritual presence, but our “lack of knowledge”. Healthy Referral is life-changing. Its mind-altering. It’s the truth, and “the truth will set you free”.

I spent eleven years as a color analyst for the Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball Team. I played with the Cavaliers for five seasons, including the “Miracle of Richfield” season in 1974-75, when I averaged a career and team high 15.8 points per game, while contributing 9.0 rebounds per contest. In April 1991, I was chosen by Cavs Fans as the Center for the “Classic Cavs Team” covering the first 20 years of Cleveland Cavaliers History 

Dear Tom, Thanks for the papers. I was really impressed! You’ve grown so much since I last saw them, and the variety and quality is really good!  Wendy Chappell, Executive Directory International College of Integrative Medicine

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