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Medical Tyranny or Health Freedom... Support Simone Gold MD JD and Front Line Docs


Simone Gold, MD, JD
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I'm out of prison, and I am writing to you today to thank you for all your letters, prayers, and support. To be unfairly put in isolation for my refusal to take the COVID-19 jab made the experience far worse.

The last few months have been the most difficult of my life, but I was able to stay strong because of you!

At my first meal with America's Frontline Doctor's staff, they were surprised at how excited I was to order brussels sprouts. That's because fresh vegetables are not served in prison, and I was excited to eat anything green and healthy.

After a traumatic arrest and imprisonment, I am now rested and more determined than ever to keep fighting for medical freedom and Constitutional principles.

AFLDS and I pledge to continue reporting the facts and fighting the tyrannical Biden administration with our legal team. We will stop at nothing to help you make the most informed medical decisions to keep your family healthy and safe.

Please become a monthly donor of $75, $100, $150, or $250 today to support the mission and work of America's Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) today.

We are continuing legal battles against mandates and are continuing the world-class journalism on America's Frontline News, which reports the truth about medical freedom. We must continue the AFLDS mission and keep fighting.

If you prefer, please make a one-time donation of $75, $100, $150, or $250 to AFLDS today. Your generous support is critical!

God Bless,


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