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Hunter Brothers Coffee, Owners Paul and Tim Hunter Made it a Priority to Give Back, Specifically Giving to Veteran and Other Military Focused Organizations.

Ellwood PA – Local coffee roaster, Hunter Brothers Coffee, is partnering with (Otto’s Charity) as part of their on going efforts to support our military. 

Partner Paul Hunter is a retired veteran having spent time in both the PA Army National and Air National Guard. When founding Hunter Brothers Coffee, owners Paul and Tim Hunter made it a priority to give back, specifically giving to veteran and other military focused organizations.  Previous donations have been to Mustang Heritage Foundation, The Yellow Ribbon Girls, and this year, K9 for Warriors.

Paul Hunter (founding partner) is a retired veteran and spent time in both the Pa. Army National (HHB 1/107 FA, A 1/107 FA) and the Pa. Air National Guard (171 ARW).

Paul Hunter, along with fellow partners, Tim Hunter and Robin Abel, continues to serve and give back to the community by donating back a portion of proceeds to charitable organizations.


We seem to be in a swing towards local products from farmers markets, handmade crafts, small batch jellies and local boutique stores. After malls and big box stores took over the world, we realized there really was a need for smaller stores and opportunities.

Lucky for you, fresher better tasting coffee comes is here

Lucky for you, fresher coffee is here

But why? Because there are humans involved in small batch production

If you roast a smaller amount of coffee at a time, you are not mass producing product and are monitoring the situation more closely. If you roast a smaller amount than the roaster can hold, beans aren’t smashed together creating a more even and better baking experience.

In reality, knowing the difference doesn’t change how you drink coffee. What you need to know is to look for that information from your coffee choices. Often local roaster are small batch roasters which is great because you get better coffee and are supporting a local business at the same time!

Go ahead and keep choosing local! From coffee to jelly, your products are fresher and real humans worked hard to make it that way.

Small Batch Roaster

As a small-batch roaster, our coffee beans are typically roasted in batches of less than 50 lbs. Since coffee roasting is equal parts art and science, it is critical that conditions and timing are perfect. To get the ideal flavor in your coffee, someone must monitor the roasting process at all times. By keeping our batches smaller, we are able to provide higher quality coffee to our customers while also keeping our inventory lower - which means you're getting freshly roasted coffee.

It's the perfect win-win for our customers.


0733911001662661636.jpg"Thank you Veteran owned Hunter Brothers Coffee
for your supporting our youth charity Golf Outing"

Otto Orf, Hands on Sport Foundation and Futsal
Coach Team USA Soccer.

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