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Breakthrough in Convenient Functional Nutrition From Rita Ellithorpe MD Tustin Longevity Center

We recently had one of best interviews in over 20 years with Dr. Rita Ellithorpe, MD. who is an expert in functional medicine.  Dr. Ellithorpe researched and developed one of the world best nutrition bars.   The link to the interview is below.

Click the link below at the bottom to find out how Drs Nutrition Bar can improve you and your family's health 

This is mind, body, energy, game changer for performance.
Functional Nutrition Breakthru! Tustin Longevity Center. Rita Ellithorpe MD
0448297001642961798.jpgOur research in a functional food bar we developed called Doctors Nutrition Bar (DNB) was striking where DNB showed significant improvements the reduction of fasting blood insulin and glucose, a reduction in waist and hip circumference, improvement in cognitive function, an increase in energy and a satiation effect vs the top seller.

We are excited to offer our unique functional food bar nationwide. I’m Medical Director and Founder of Tustin Longevity Center (TLC) located in Tustin California. TLC is focused on a foundation of integrative, preventative and anti-aging medicine with my team of five other skilled integrative healthcare practitioners along with a wonderful and dedicated support staff.

Powerful interview with Marchica radio host Mind Your Body and Spirit and Rita Ellithorpe MD Tustin Lonvgevity Center..click on link below


Order a box of 12 and start the road to better health click link below


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