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“ Who is Albert Sanchez ?”, A Cancer Question Answered

“ Who is Albert Sanchez ?”, A Cancer Question Answered

Posted on16 June 2010.

“ Who is Albert Sanchez ?  A cancer question answered”

The “Cancer Question” has haunted mankind for as long as mankind has existed. Universally recognized as “the enemy,” traditional approaches to cancer have been based on an “attack and kill” strategy. The problem with that approach, of course, is that the barbaric therapeutic protocols that have arisen from that mindset have also attacked and killed the patients!

Imagine how wonderful it would be if, instead of employing agents of death, doctors employed agents of healing. Imagine if a healing agent existed that would powerfully support and facilitate natural cellular repair mechanisms. Now imagine what would happen if a metabolic defect in cancer cells caused cancer cells to reject the healing effect that is enjoyed by your normal cells, and this rejection caused the cancer cells to self-destruct or “commit suicide.”

Do you know of anyone who has attended a funeral for a dead cancer cell? Of course not. The death of a cancer cell is not a cause for mourning. It is a cause for celebration!

The time for simply imagining the existence of such a wonderful healing agent has passed. It is here today and it is being utilized by thousands of doctors worldwide to trick cancer cells into committing suicide while it simultaneously supports natural healing processes in normal cells.

In order to understand the story behind this extraordinary discovery, and the story behind the battle to bring this extraordinary discovery to the millions of people in the world who so desperately need it, one must peer into the lives of two extraordinary men; Dr. Merrill Garnett and Dr. Albert Sanchez.


Dr. Merrill Garnett

Dr. Merrill Garnett, a dentist-turned biochemist and head of the Garnett McKeen Laboratory in Bohemia, New York, created palladium lipoic complexes after decades of research. Dr. Garnett’s research is based on the theory that all normally developed cells contain an inward directed energy flow. In laboratory experiments, Dr. Garnett found that by introducing a metallo-organic compound that shares a resonant frequency with DNA,  certain dysfunctional cells – those that were anaerobic or metabolically hypoxic – underwent a process of apoptotic death (“committed suicide”) while healthy cells thrived.

Dr. Garnett’s many years of searching and experimenting were not in vain as he ultimately discovered a palladium lipoic complex that acts as an efficient molecular shunt to transfer energy to energy-deficient cells.

After more than 30 years of research and testing some 20,000 compounds, Dr. Garnett discovered that palladium, when combined with lipoic acid, vitamin B12 and thiamine, created an extremely useful and safe cellular nutrient. Subsequent toxicity tests have shown that palladium lipoic complexes are completely safe and nontoxic.


Poly-MVA is the dietary supplement form of palladium lipoic complex. This brand name is logically based on the following representative components:  Poly = combination of, M = minerals, V = vitamins and A = Alpha lipoic acid and amino acid. Many people have asked Dr. Albert Sanchez how he met Dr. Garnett and how he managed to obtain the worldwide rights to distribute Poly-MVA.

Dr. Albert Sanchez

Albert Sanchez was born in the small town of Los Chavez, New Mexico to a farming couple, Gillie and Emma Sanchez. Al was the oldest of 5 children with 2 sisters and 2 brothers. Due to his mother’s illness, Al was raised by his grandparents nearby and attributes all of his values to this upbringing. When his parents tried to bring him home again, Al ran back to his grandparents’ home and stayed there for the remainder of his childhood.

Nevertheless, illness was present wherever he went. At the age of 8 Al had to inject his grandmother with insulin due to her diabetic condition, while he himself was kept out of school for one year with rheumatic fever, swollen joints, etc. This early experience of illness in the family made him aware of the personal, social and economic devastation brought about by disease.

Also at that time, young Al remembers overhearing the doctor telling his grandparents that he would not live beyond age 15 due to his heart growing too rapidly in size. Because of this, Al was barred from participating in sports. The boy quickly disregarded this rule, deciding that he would prefer living for only a short time rather than living longer without the possibility of a normal life.

Al graduated from Belen High School, receiving the highest scholarship awarded to the graduating class. His goal was to become a physician, but since at the time it seemed to be financially out of reach, he chose what he considered to be the noblest and the least corrupt of all human endeavors; education. Education not only establishes one’s current position in life, it also secures the future of one’s family and, in the larger scheme of life, one’s country. To achieve this goal, Al went on to work his way through Western University in Silver City, New Mexico. Al was very proud to be an educator and very happy to deal with the most precious asset in the country; today’s students.

Albert Sanchez learned that he was expected to maintain a high grade average to keep his scholarship, but he also needed to work 2 jobs (40 to 70 hours per week) paying a high premium salary to students of 50 cents an hour! So his life became a whirlwind of work, study and college activities, and he vividly remembers breaking down and crying because he was incapable of obtaining even five minutes to himself. His life was always overfull, a situation that has now become customary today!

During his first year of college both of his grandparents passed away – grandmother from complications of diabetes and grandfather with acute leukemia. This was devastating for young Al. Due to all this pressure and heartbreak, Al considered dropping out and joining the priesthood. Yet when his colleagues reacted to this plan, he quickly dropped the idea. Their outcry was “Don’t hide in a small community; the world needs you!” Although he presumed their concerns were far-fetched and impossible to ascertain, now looking back, he says: “I KNOW the world needs the discoveries I have come to learn of. Isn’t it strange the way life works… and it DOES WORK in mysterious way indeed!”

While at the university, both undertaking an extensive curriculum and vigorously trying to change the outlook of the university to be compatible with the needs of human nature and humanity in general, his academic prowess became evident to the student body and he was elected to the vice-presidency of the student body.

His participation in this venue gave him the chance to upgrade standards and address the needs of the students. During his tenure as a student, he was also elected president of the Science Club, President of Neuman’s Club, President of the Honor Society (Blue Key), and vice-president of Phi Beta Kappa. He represented Western University in 1956 as Mr. Future Teacher of Tomorrow and came in fourth in the nation in Texacana, Texas. But his crowning achievement was to be named in the Who’s Who in American Universities and Colleges – 1957 edition.

Because of this extraordinary background, he was offered jobs throughout the United States. However, he chose a job only eight miles away from the university. Al was the sole teacher for the 8th Grade for 3 years while he maintained his graduate studies during the evening.

It was at this time that he met his future wife, Julia – a beautiful and talented student at the university. She was considered by all to be the “best catch!” It was the beginning of the best years of his life, soon to be interrupted by the beast that continues to haunt him to this day… cancer!

After obtaining a Masters and Ed.S. degree, Al Sanchez eventually obtained the position of school principal in Orange County and lived there 34 years with his lovely wife and four children. In 1972, after losing his beloved wife to colon cancer, his life changed 360 degrees. He suddenly found himself focusing his attention on this most dreaded of diseases. In his last promise to his wife, Dr. Sanchez pledged to do everything in his power to find the answer to cancer. He did not want others to have the same fate, to undergo the suffering Julia underwent, not to mention the severe emotional suffering experienced by Dr. Sanchez and the children. During his wife’s ordeal, he was surprised and shocked to discover how little doctors and oncologists really knew about the battle against cancer.

In desperation, he researched, called and wrote to scientists the world over, bringing him into contact with international scientists also seeking answers but who did not have the determination or persistence to follow through the relentless pursuit required to discover the elusive code to this horrible disease. And he could not comprehend how, after Nixon had declared a “war on cancer,” the billions spent every year on research yielded such negligible results!

Mid-Life Crisis and More

Dr. Sanchez therefore switched careers by entering into the business of natural pharmaceuticals. He established four entities: World Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceuticals International, Pharmaceuticals Universal, and Global Medical Services, with the purpose of making natural, nontoxic products available at cost to patients who had not obtained relief from the allopathic system.

This brought him to the attention of the elite throughout the world, including those commissioned to looking for a cure, both of private and of government persuasion. Some of the businesses were established in the United States and others in Mexico, giving him more freedom to assist patients to the best of his ability. Inescapably, his work came to the attention of the FDA.

One of Dr. Sanchez’ greatest mistakes was moving the company stock from Mexico to San Diego. Knowing in his heart that he was doing everything possible to help cancer patients, he naively underestimated the power and viciousness of the almighty FDA. Invariably, the California Fraud Squad came to investigate the health-related entities that had been established by Dr. Sanchez.

The conclusion they came to was that people were being helped by alternative products distributed by a non-profit organization. They respectfully allowed Dr. Sanchez to continue in his endeavors, congratulating him on his achievements. This situation inspired confidence in his work and prompted him to continue advertising his business.

A couple of years later, on May 11, 1993, the “Day of Infamy” was to arrive… A totally unexpected and uncalled-for raid by the FDA—accompanied by the Bureau of Tobacco and Firearms, Drug Enforcement Administration, the CIA, the FBI, and the IRS, along with local police raided his home and office…  “With guns drawn, they handcuffed my employees and myself and ordered us to lie down… confiscated all my equipment – computer, files, down to my telephone book, and removed ALL product from the warehouse.” The lifesaving lines to all patients receiving products were severed under the pretext that Dr. Sanchez was illegally selling unapproved products.

Previously, some of these same agents had come to Dr. Sanchez’ daughter’s house to buy artifacts holding a high resale value. During the course of this raid on the Sanchez Pharmaceutical office, these same agents also entered the house of his daughter, taking millions of dollars worth of these artifacts already known to them. What had these to do with unapproved medicine? To this day, the question has not been properly answered.

The total assets of confiscated product and the tremendous economic domino-effect related to survival amounted to approx 42.5 million dollars! These different agencies followed him for months, calling to say he was destined for jail and there would be a grand jury investigation. Ironically, he was never charged with anything, nor was anything taken ever returned, nor was Dr. Sanchez ever notified that any of the confiscated products were destroyed.

Over half of the actions taken by all of the agencies were totally illegal and were meant only to drive him successfully into economic chaos. Dr. Sanchez believes it was also a concerted effort to drive him to commit suicide in order to “solve the problem once and for all!” Understandably, the ensuing terror, shock and disappointment triggered a massive attack of depression, along with an avalanche of diseases encompassing diabetes, insomnia, sleep apnea, and heart failure. Dr. Sanchez has survived two subsequent heart by-pass surgeries and an attempted suicide.

It dawned on him that the constant pressure applied through the regular telephone calls and the intimidation of his children was the government’s attempt to wash its hands of having committed an atrocity (hugely beneficial to them nevertheless), which displayed a total disregard for human life. He realized that without him as witness, all the money, products, files, plus artifacts that had been confiscated would never need to be accounted for should he die. Hence, Dr. Sanchez came out of his depression with the realization that although he had no assets left, he had the knowledge — plus the guts and the courage — to fight for those the government was striving to hold in darkness.

Dr. Sanchez provides the following  analogy: “I was crushed like a cockroach by a heavy foot with NO ONE expecting that I could ever recover or live to fight back! Yet today I can categorically say to the government agencies: in spite of all this harassment and blatant violation of human rights, we have the least toxic medicine and the best medicine for 20 different cancers.”

As time went by, Dr. Sanchez, with his indomitable character, built himself up again in an effort to help others who were going through the same ordeal from which he had just emerged. He came to know many such doctors, Mexican, American and European, struggling with alternative healing in clinics across the border who also were threatened by FDA regulation. 

In the course of his experience, he also came across many charlatans and reveals that some clinics who boast of “never having lost a patient at the clinic” would regularly summon an ambulance for a dying patient just to keep their records “clean.” But it was not until 1995 that Dr. Sanchez inadvertently came across Poly-MVA.

In 1995, while trying to help another doctor who was also being attacked for using alternative medicine, Dr. Sanchez happened to be “in the right place at the right time” Ironically, the day the FDA and its little army arrived to carry out the Coup d’Etat on this particular doctor’s practice was the very day that two officers of the Poly-MVA research group had arrived to discuss their product with the doctor.

Since this doctor’s operandi was halted under threat by M-14s, the officers came fleeing down the hall in a panic, right into Dr. Sanchez’ research lab which just happened to be located down the hall. As they described their plight, Dr. Sanchez could certainly empathize with them, having himself been victimized by these very agencies.

So, getting to know one another in this manner, and sharing the information on the product which they represented, it became evident to Dr. Sanchez that a scientific breakthrough in cancer research had been discovered.

It so happened that two people came to see Dr. Sanchez saying that the doctor who was away had promised them alternative medicine for cancer free of charge. One was an old lady in a wheel chair. Finding her so old and sick, Dr. Sanchez believed there could be no harm in trying out the Poly-MVA on her, which she gladly accepted since she had very little money. The other person was an extremely wealthy gentleman, CEO of a San Diego computer company, who chose NOT to accept the Poly-MVA, going to Scripps Hospital instead where he received strontium 90 for bone cancer. In two weeks, the hospital managed to destroy his peristaltic movement and he died a short while later. The “old” woman, however, returned again and again, going from wheel chair to crutches and looking younger and younger.

This took Dr. Sanchez by surprise and he realized that she was not old but just ravaged by illness. As the illness began to resolve, he saw her come back to herself like a thirsty plant is revived by just a little water!

Since that time, Dr. Sanchez has not stopped marveling at the results of this nontoxic product.

The question the most frequently asked of Dr. Sanchez is: What is the most pertinent discovery in your search for the answer to cancer?

His answer is very simple: “The brain of Dr. Merrill Garnett.”

Clinical Results of Stage IV Cancer Study Using Poly-MVA

Dr. James Forsythe, a board-certified oncologist and Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Nevada, Reno, is presently conducting a clinical study using Poly-MVA for Stage IV cancer patients. To date, 206 patients are involved in the investigation. The patients are classified into three groups; the first group is administered only chemotherapy (according to their OWN choosing), the 2nd group is both the Poly-MVA and chemotherapy (according to their OWN wishes) and the third group is administered Poly-MVA only (according to their OWN desire). In both Poly-MVA groups, the Poly-MVA dosage is administered intravenously for a 15-day period.

The patient is then switched to an oral dosage. After six months a maintenance dose is administered depending upon the remission of the tumor. Because this is an ongoing clinical study, there is no charge for the supplement, but there is a small administrative fee. The study has been closed after three years. It was scheduled to be a five year study. FDA schizophrenia is and was the cause of the termination of the study.

The study group that used both chemotherapy and Poly-MVA were treated with low doses of chemotherapy. According to Dr. Forsythe, “My approach to treating cancer uses a lower dose fractionated chemo where you’re getting it more often but in lower doses. So you’re getting either the same amount or more chemo but it’s spread out so it’s less toxic to the patient.  My patients have less toxicity than patients who receive the ‘sledgehammer approach’ which is to really hit the patient hard with chemo every three of four weeks.  The sledgehammer chemo patients often have severe toxicities from the chemo.”

Dr. Forsythe has recently presented his 206 case study of Stage IV cancer patients with outstanding results using PolyMVA. Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Ovarian, Brain, Pancreatic, Breast, Multiple Myeloma, Leukemia and Lung Cancers, most with wide metastasis responded. The unprecedented results reported in this study are in the miraculous category and deserve your complete study and attention. Take the statistics on terminal patients, between complete reversal, partial reversal and stable disease and you have a miracle in the making.

A side effect of PolyMVA is that it is the best product available for stroke when it has occurred. Studies are available. Are you ready to assist the many cancer and stroke patients in your practice by using a non-toxic discovery?

The Poly-MVA clinical results: The response rate which includes partial remission and complete remission responses in the group that received both the chemotherapy and Poly-MVA is great. The response rate from the group who received the supplement exclusively is even more remarkable. (Partial reduction means a 50 percent reduction in the size of the tumor mass and complete reduction means a disappearance of the disease resulting from a physical examination, scanning and tumor markers.)

After participating in this investigation, both groups expressed having more physical energy. Dr. Forsythe attributes their energy and optimism to Poly-MVA being a natural substance.  “Because they are on a protocol with a natural substance they seem to be doing better mentally and physically. Their approach to chemo, their optimism and their ability to fight the cancer is improved.  I think it does a lot for their mental attitude.  It does empower the patient in that they feel as if they are doing more than the average patient is doing in their fight against cancer.”

Dr. Forsythe’s patients who have participated in the Poly-MVA clinical investigation are also optimistic. As an example: M. H. S., who is suffering from inoperable lung cancer and was told she had only three to six months to live, has seen encouraging results from the Poly-MVA. “During the past five years I have been treated by Dr. Forsythe with both low-dose fractionated chemotherapy and alternative therapies.  One year ago my cancer markers were going up and Dr. Forsythe placed me on his clinical outcome-based protocol with Poly-MVA.  Since then, this natural supplement has stabilized my disease and normalized my markers.”

The top three cancers that were highly responsive to the Poly-MVA treatment were prostate, breast and non-small cell lung cancer.  Surprisingly non-small cell lung cancer is, in general, not a high responder to conventional treatments. Colorectal cancers were the least responsive, but did respond.

Dr. James Forsythe’s investigation is the largest of the current studies and includes the treatment of all types of Stage IV cancers.

The world needs to join hands in making PolyMVA a household word: Do you really want to know who wrote the Say no to drugs program? Do you want to know the name of the alternative doctor that treated President Reagan for colon cancer?

Contact Marchia Carnicelli Minor host Mind Your Body and Spirit Radio show and pub Healthy Referral to access Polymva. 216-533-2273.  [email protected]

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