A Word about Toxic Emotions & The Current Shift

A Word about Toxic Emotions & The Current Shift


I hope this newsletter finds you well. We are rounding a corner, but that corner is sharp and clunky, make sure to hold onto your wheel!

This is a time of mass healing. Within the confines of the pandemic and global transformation, there has been stirred within the collective, and each of us, great amounts of fear, grief, anger and a myriad of personal emotions that have become louder as we've sheltered in place. These loud and difficult emotions that have welled up are asking for our attention and time is here to give them our attention. We often project our issues and relationship troubles onto others, or specific circumstances from our past, but the truth is the internal conflict we feel is due to unhealthy, unattended and unprocessed emotions and wounds within. The fear of more of those experience keeps us trapped.

When I pitched the idea for my new book I didn't know there was to be a global pandemic. When I wrote it, however, we were right in the middle of it. And while the book isn't specific to the pandemic and its challenges, it is right on time to help us to deal with difficult personal issues and relational issues. In times of stress and uncontrollable life challenges, those issues become louder and pervasive in our lives.

We are now entering into a new phase. A phase that is supported by the universe and one another (if we reach within for our internal resources, and reach out for the external ones) that is asking us to attend to our healing and evolution in new ways. The old paradigm is worn out. Standard ways of relating are not working. It's not ok to use past example as "the way things are done" because the vibration of that doesn't coincide with the truth and energy that is trying to evolve. If we don't change, we will suffer even more. 

Healing isn't only about escaping the confines and restrictions we feel, but to be part of the paradigm shift that we are currently witnessing. Because we are asked to be change-makers in this time of history, we must break the cycle of what has come before us. If it wasn't part of our soul's duty, we wouldn't be here now.

I included a simple method in the book (AAA Method) for you to use any time toxic emotions and patterns surface. This could be rising anxiety levels, lack of patience, self-sabotage, feelings of being blocked, prejudice, resentment, unprocessed grief, addiction, or simply how to learn to see ourselves and our relationships differently so we can clear our emotional imprints and raise our vibrations.

The intro of the book is about breaking up with blame. It's not a popular topic, but one that needs to be addressed. 

When we project, blame and not take responsibility for our own behaviors, thoughts and emotions, it affects the way we process life, and whether or not we can transcend to a higher and happier place. 

The 3-step method teaches you how to raise your vibration and get out of the addictive patterns of stress, pain or depression. How to rewrite your story and live in the present reality, not in the past. And that is what this pandemic is asking of us as well. At this point, we can continue to point fingers and suffer, or we can step into the work of shifting the parts of us that need to evolve. With that comes increased compassion, joy, and empathy.

I see this next cycle as a monumental gift. Not only are we part of history, but also contributing to this massive sociological shift. I encourage your to use the many resources that are available to you and commit to being part of the healing, not continuing the cycles of the past. It is time. 

There may be some discomfort in releasing old stories and setting intention on healing, but the peace and wholeness that comes will effect and enhance the wholeness of your relationships and the world.

If you're interested in the book, there is audio available as well. People are responding very favorably and it is a joy to be able to offer it to you from my heart.


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