Mindful Nourishment Learning who we are is one of the most precious Gifts we can give ourselves!

Mindful Nourishment by Marchia Carnicelli Minor, radio host Mind Your Body and Spirit and copub Healthy Referral Newspaper. 
Learning who we are is one of the most precious Gifts we can give ourselves!  

Inspiring ideas for your Mental, Physical & Spiritual Well-Being such as foods etc.

A Gift that only we can open! In a world that has so many mixed messages to BE, to Think, to Look like someone else there is no doubt as to why so many women, & men also can think so lowly of self that they  find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of ups and downs where the Downs out number the ups. 

Then add on top of that the mired of things such as poor relationship experiences, family issues, certain type of religious beliefs, competition of many sorts we can see how low self esteem may find its way into our young people's lives in the form of eating disorders such as Anorexia.

How do I know this?  Because I myself walked through the opportunity of making a choice ! A choice to care enough for myself. To reach down deep inside & reconnect Spiritually. A time when my Inner Voice said "STOP! Stop comparing yourself to others & falling short! 

Start recognizing & expressing YOUR gifts & talents. There is only one of you & you are as unique as each & every other person on the planet." I began to fall in love with myself...The Greatest Love of All! The Reservoir from which all others flow! That connection to the Divine! Are you ready to be YOU? Are you ready to BE Your own Beautiful? Join me!  

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Marchia is also a Reiki Master & a CMP (Certified Massage Practitioner) If you are interested in having Marchia perform “Dance of Spirit” at your church/center/gathering etc and or facilitate her workshop ~ please call 216-533-2273 or email at [email protected]    
Another ph # is 347-6-UR-WELL 

Ms. Minor’s radio guests have included: Dr Christopher Hills, Ram Dass, Mladen Golubic, M.D., Ph.D. Cleveland Clinic, Actor Dennis Weaver, Patch Adams, M.D., Arun Gandhi, Gandhi’s grandson; Lewis Mehl Madrano, M.D., native American healing; Gabriel Cousens, M.D., national author on Conscious Eating: Susan Bradley, author on relationships; Howard Lyman, the famous cattleman that was sued for his appearance on the Oprah show for exposing the meat industry, and Caldwell Essselstyn, M.D., author Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease (also on staff Cleveland Clinic/former Olympian Rowing). 

Marchia has also provided talks on a Vegetarian Diet to Seventh Day Adventist Churches and is versed on such superfoods as the spirulina grown by the pioneer Dr Christopher Hills and continues at www.newphoenixrising.com/healthyref called Biolumina Spirulina

*Sound for healing & rebalancing using the Quartz Crystal singing bowl & other Healing sounds.

*Meditation for Stress Relief

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