× 16th International Natural Health & Foods Expo, Sat., Sept. 23rd, 10am - 8pm and Sun. Sept. 24th, 10am - 7pm, Sarasota, FL
(Sarasota Municipal Auditorium 801 N. Tamiami Trail)Click here for more expo details

Discover Conscious Foods, Super Food Spirulina, and Fuel YOUR Well-Being!

Discover Conscious Foods, Super Food Spirulina, 
and Fuel YOUR Well-Being!

Book Radio Host, Marchia Carnicelli Minor on the Left. Publisher Healthy Referral Newspaper

Topics Marchia May include:

Daily Foods for Energy

Why Biolumina Spirulina Could Recharge Your Body

Supplements To Help Support the Immune System

Super Foods and Healing Herbs & Spices

Signatures of   Foods Vegan Diet and

Vegetarian Diets & Food Choices


Private 30-45 Minute Phone Consult $150 includes a JAR of Biolumina Spirulina $60 VALUE FREE!

Spirulina has the highest photosynthetic conversion rate of any organism on earth! Pigments are the light itself broken down into various frequencies, each of which has specific functions and qualities.

With its complete, bio-available spectrum of nutrition, including Beta Carotene (pro-vitamin A), six B’s, D, E, H and K, iron, chlorophyll, all essential and many non-essential amino acids, a range of phyto-nutrients, including the super-antioxidant, phycocyanin, BioLumina supports the function and repair of the immune system, as well as supporting healthy response to stressors, while binding free radicals.  Biolumina NOT sold in STORES.

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Marchia 216-533-2273 & [email protected]

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www. blogtalkradio.com/mindyourbodyandspirit
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