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Ms. Minor’s background includes ~ “proud mother of three”~ Grandmother of 2 ~ Lover of LIFE ~ Past Real Estate Agent ~ teacher of Dance Aerobics, the YMCA’s Way to a Healthy Back Program ~ Trainer of Trainers for the YMCA’s Way to Weight Management ~ graduate of the Landmark Personal Development course ~ she is originally from the Uniontown, PA, area.

Ms Minor is on the advisory board for the National Health Federation, the oldest health freedom organization in the world.

Ms. Minor has also hosted the HealthyReferral’s Mind Your Body and Spirit radio show on WERE, WUJC John Carroll U., WELW Willoughby, and on www.artistfirst.com one of the first and oldest all internet radio station based in Ohio with over 500,000 listening to www.artistfirst.com monthly.

Ms. Minor’s guests have included: Dr Christopher Hills, Ram Dass, Mladen Golubic, M.D., Ph.D. Cleveland Clinic, Actor Dennis Weaver, Patch Adams, M.D., Arun Gandhi, Gandhi’s grandson; Lewis Mehl Madrano, M.D., native American healing; Gabriel Cousens, M.D., national author on Conscious Eating: Susan Bradley, author on relationships; Howard Lyman, the famous cattleman that was sued for his appearance on the Oprah show for exposing the meat industry, and Caldwell Essselstyn, M.D., author Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease (also on staff Cleveland Clinic/former Olympian Rowing).

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Anne also holds a National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) Diplomate in Chinese Herbology & Acupuncture.She graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego with a Masters Degree in Acupuncture & Traditional Herbal Medicine. Anne says:: Many people who have found their way to me have already been through the medical mill with doctors & other Health care providers.Rarely is my office the first stop for fertility, but hopefully it will be the last.For 18 yrs I have devoted a tremendous part of my medical practice to fertility, including repairing damage done to body and soul by fertility drugs, aggressive & expensive medical treatments & the accompanying sense of victimization, frustration & loss associated with such. 

I help rally the spirit of patients to believe in their restorative power of nature, & ability to heal themselves.The emotional toll of disappointment is often disruptive hormonally & socially. It also requires taking a leap of faith that I know what I am talkiing about! 

I think the reason I am so successful with fertility even with the difficult cases, is that I am extremely thorough in my approach.While part of my practice is supporting patients undergoing fertility treatments, if at all possible I strive to see pregnancy occur by bypassing drugs & procedure  in favor of more natural ways. If you are absolutely requiring IVF, 

I offer an IVF bootcamp program & often those labeled poor responders previously, will find success through systematic guided preparation beforehand, in addition to the pre & post IVF acupuncture that has been touted in medical studies. I will teach you what you need to optimize your fertility, monitor your progress or alter the course if there is lack of progress. If we both do our job & give it our Best together we can make it happen. [email protected] Ph 216-292-9698 www.ClevelandAcupuncture.com

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