What Is Important? Life’s Fragile Lesson

What is Important …

{soon to be published in the Healthy Referral, national newspaper of health conscious people}

By Brian Allyn Fletcher,

Owner of; Willoughby Hills Tanning & Nutrition

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…It was surprisingly cool during the early morning hours of March 2nd 2001. A stiff breeze pervaded the darkness that swallowed the inner city pavement of Cleveland, OH that night. The streets seemed to exude an extreme quiet and lack of activity that was about to dramatically change a man’s life for many years to come.

As a teamster newspaper truck driver for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, I delivered the “hot off the press” news product in the early morning hours to store sales accounts. As I turned into the parking lot by East 73rd and Superior Ave., I did not realize that the ensuing moments would not only change my work day, but would forever change my outlook on life and what is important.

Newspaper delivery agents deliver to lockboxes in the inner city to prevent theft. Getting out of the truck, I set the papers down to unlock the lock off the box, and everything went black…for a moment. As I came to, I realized that I had sustained a severe head injury. Someone had broken a cinder-block on the back of my head, and I was in definitive trouble. In life, hindsight always tends to be 20/20, the answers are very clear to all of us later. Had I “played dead” as if a bear had just attacked me, it’s quite possible I would not have incurred further viciousness.

But human instinct in times of peril usually wins out; I tried to get to my feet to escape further danger. Unfortunately, I was not so lucky. Each having a weapon so to speak, the savage robbing assailants rained blows on my head and face, ending in cold steel being placed at the center of my forehead. As the gun pierced my flesh and over the screaming question directed to me of; “Where’s the money?”, I realized those were going to be the last breaths I would take. I realized all the hopes and dreams I had for my young life.

I realized none of them would come to fruition. I realized all that I wanted to change in me and all I wanted to help in other people. Your whole life really does flash before your eyes; you really do see “the light” at the end of the tunnel. I realized at that moment what is important…

What is important is the recognition of life as a fragile entity we often overlook and under appreciate. What is important is enjoying your days, minutes, and seconds here, because you really never know when your last day is approaching. What is important is living a healthy life filled with longevity and positive energy. Every moment in this journey called life should be cherished and appreciated.

Yea, I know that sounds very “Hallmark”; generic and cliché if you will. But it is definitely worth stressing in this publication and article. Too often we get caught up in materialistic ideals and desires, too often we are judgmental and selfish, too often we forget how lucky we really are as healthy human beings. Visit the cancer center at a children’s hospital and somehow, your day may not seem that bad or full of overwhelming “obstacles”. Nobody said life would be easy, the only thing I’ve learned is the promise that it is definitely worth living.

Everything in life happens for a reason. I am extremely thankful for the horrific, uninvited events I incurred on March 2nd of 2001. It has served as a compass to try each and everyday to live to the fullest and find the good in people and situations. It has pushed and molded me into shaping, improving, and changing lives through nutrition education. That one day which seemed to be my last ended up being my first; a new inspirational beginning. For all intensive purposes, I shouldn’t be here and alive, but I am, and I am eternally grateful. People and customers have asked me; “what’s the secret to a healthy life?” I reply with one simple word; “appreciation.”

There’s a book out there that a few of you might have perused at one point or another, it states; “Health and good estate of body are above all gold, and a strong body above all infinite wealth. There are no riches above a sound body and no joy above the joy of the heart.” (Ecclesiasticus 31:15) An archaic source, but powerfully poignant I would say. Life should make better sense to all of us; try and live a healthy, vibrant life as much as possible every day. What is important is your health, what is important is everyday moments, what is important is life itself…

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