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“What I Want in a Man with Whom I AM in an Intimate, Loving, Spiritual & Passionate Relationship”

“What I Want in a Man with Whom I AM in an Intimate, Loving, Spiritual & Passionate Relationship”

By host of the global Radio Show Mind Your Body and Spirit and Co-founder Healthy Referral Newspaper (an int. paper on natural health and personal/spiritual development)

Oh no! Some of you may be saying ~Not another article on Relationship!  What makes this one any different?  They are always wanting the Other person to change or mend their ways.  This dear readers is why the special piece you are about to read Is so very different.

What are those Qualities we would like to see in a man?  Would we like to see a Man who is available to us Mentally/Physically/Emotionally & Spiritually?  How can we manifest such a person we ask.  Let us begin by taking a look in the mirror and ask ourselves are “we” being that person we want to attract.  Are We being the vibration that will help draw this special person to us mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually?

Wait a moment we may say.  I thought this was about him.  Are we saying that I am the one who may be drawing to myself an unavailable man and that if I become what it is i want to attract then the reflection in the mirror would truly draw that special person into my life? 

Humm, it almost sound too easy. But is it really?  Why then do so many relationships lack the true Heart bond ~ that which comes from being healthy mentally, physically, spiritually & emotionally?  We have all heard at one time or another “Be the change we want to see.”  Are we saying then that this applies to manifesting what we truly want in a man with whom we are in an intimate, loving, spiritual & passionate relationship?

Earlier I mentioned the “Heart” bond which takes us to the second Quality ~ A man who follows his heart & is doing what he is meant to in his life!  When a man is doing what he loves in his life; when he is living his Purpose and YOU are doing the same what do you think could happen?  Remember the “Reflection” in the mirror.  Let’s take another quick glance into that mirror and ask ourselves: Are we living our purpose, our passion or are we simply putting time in from day to day? 

Once again ~ by Being what it is that we want to have looking back at us, that Law of Attraction is at work/play once more:>*  Tapping into the reason we are here on this planet at this time will unleash an energy that can Only draw good things to ourselves ~ including: “What We Want in a Man with Whom We Are in an Intimate, Loving, Spiritual & Passionate Relationship.”  The Universe is at our command.  It listens, feels & sees!  It is a living being just as we are.  Give it what it needs and voila…out comes the Genie from within us*  What is it that it needs?  The answer is simply ~ to Be who we are meant to be!  Not what someone else wants us to be.  Be true to our true purpose & passion and what begins to look back at us will blow us away.

We are living at a time when true manifestation is at our fingertips ~ literally!  When we are vibrating at the our truest self with love in our hearts the universe can’t help to give you your heart’s desire.

There are a number of other Qualities I would love to share with you and I will be sharing those in future articles ~ ahh,  well perhaps just one more Quality :>* How about:  *One who has strength yet is gentle. Who shares his inner most feelings & helps me share mine.”  This is even more beautiful than the first two.  What is it about the Gentleness of Strength?  About sharing our inner most feelings & having someone we love helping us to do so.  What is strength anyway?  Could it be an energy that originates from our Gentleness?  Something to ponder upon I would say.

OK ~  with that said I will save the additional Qualities for another time ~ a time that I again look forward to spending with you.   I treasure sharing these Qualities of “What I Want in a Man with Whom I Am in an Intimate, Loving, Spiritual & Passionate Relationship.  May your Heart grow warmer and may that Reflection you see in the mirror ..be that which you desire!

The 27 Qualities I Want in a Man Whom I’m in an Intimate Spiritual, Loving Relationship.   Experience the first 8 qualities now click link below


by marchia carnicelli minor co-founder of the National/Int.l Healthy Referral Newspaper www.healthyreferral.com

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