Creating Our Own Immigrants How have immigrants made a difference to American society?

Ratanjit Sondhe 

Author, lecturer, radio and television personality
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Creating Our Own Immigrants

How have immigrants made a difference to American society? What is it in an immigrant that drives them to outperform non-immigrants? Can we continue to get high-quality immigrants as we have in the past with the rapid growth of business outside the U.S.? Can we create our own immigrants who are better prepared to launch new businesses and provide leadership? Rantanjit will answer these questions and cover many sides of immigration.

Ratanjit, a recipient of the 2010 Ohio Civil Rights Hall of Fame award, emigrated from India to the United States in 1968 with $8 in his pocket and two Master’s degrees. He soon became an American entrepreneur, founding POLY-CARB, Inc., where he served as CEO and Chairman for 34 years. The company was structured on a modern leadership paradigm where team members were directed by the company’s mission statement, operating principles, and personal value systems. POLY-CARB was sold to The Dow Chemical Company in 2007.

He is the author of TEA: The Recipe for Stress-Free Living and The Secret of Our Ultimate Success both of which are based on the universal principle of Oneness. His latest book, Zero: The Core of Leadership, centers on learning to lead ourselves first by understanding who we truly are, and basing our leadership on constantly adding the greatest value we can in all areas of our lives ? unconditionally. It is a completely new leadership and business paradigm.

With over 500 television segments to his credit, 600 radio shows and seen in 158 countries, Ratanjit can be heard on Stress-Free Living Television and Stress-Free Living Radio. The programs center on real-world issues and how the paradigm of Oneness transforms and enlightens those issues.

Ratanjit currently serves on executive boards and advisory councils for international business groups, privately held corporations, foundations, universities, and non-profit organizations. He is the founder of several entrepreneurial organizations and business groups, and most recently founded the ground-breaking Multicultural Business Development Center, which helps develop new, culturally diverse business enterprises.

Internationally, Ratanjit has traveled as an Ambassador of Humanity, strengthening international commerce and trade relations between the United States and China and India. Additionally, he has led various trade delegations and has served as official Ambassador to India by the World Trade Center Cleveland.

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