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Although our doors opened not even two years ago, the Organic Lives story officially begins in 1989 with founder/owner, Preet Marwaha, contracting colitis as a result of his habitually poor eating habits. His youth and athleticism having previously kept him blissfully unaware of the lurking dietary dangers, he was suddenly and rudely awakened to the profound effects that food choices have on all aspects of our health. And in that instance, both a personal renaissance and revolution were ignited.

Successfully defying his doctors by beating his disease and regaining his health solely through an organic food regimen, Preet spent the next fourteen years delving into deeper understandings of and experiences with the nutritional, chemical, physical, emotional, political, environmental, and socioeconomic dynamics of the human/food relationship.

A move to Vancouver in 2005 introduced Preet more closely to a growing trend in raw foods, however, his passion for cooking and excellent health at the time kept him from fully embracing the living foods lifestyle. It wasn’t until three years later, when he agreed to embark with his wife on a two week living foods master cleanse, that his eyes (and tastes) were opened to the brilliance and limitless potential of raw foods.

OrganicLives is a direct response to Preet’s excitement and love for the evolving art and science of raw, organic foods. That he considers the last eighteen months of his life, since his full conversion to living foods, to be equally as profound and beneficial as the entirety of the previous eighteen years, is testimony to the power of his convictions and to how much more this expanding medium has left to offer.

The whole of Preet’s ongoing journey, along with his continued desire to move the world forward, perfectly culminate today at OrganicLives where visitors can experience mind-jarringly delicious raw cuisine in the restaurant; shop for a huge selection of living, organic foods and supplies of the highest standards and certifications; and, through the Learn component of our website, join Preet as an active part of the movement for healthier, cleaner, fairer, safer, more delicious and environmentally sound food practices.
Our Natural Obsession

To awaken hearts, minds, bodies, and palates to the endless benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and to make that lifestyle accessible and practical within our everyday lives.

Together we can become ridiculously healthy while fighting climate change, reducing poverty, and protecting species–all through the enjoyment of the most delicious foods the world has ever seen. www.organiclives.org

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