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Causes of Sinusitis and What to Do Naturally

Sinusitis Got You Down? – WWR 263 Brazos Minshew Chief Scientist

Most conditions in medicine that involve inflammation end in the suffix “-itis.” For example, tonsillitis is inflammation of the tonsils, appendicitis is inflammation of the appendix, and so forth. Sinusitis is inflammation of the sinus cavities in your head. What causes sinusitis? How can we help our body to resolve the inflammation? Is there a way to protect against sinusitis?

The causes of sinusitis
Inflammation follows four states of imbalance in the human body: trauma (injury), toxicity, deficiency and stress.

  • Stress – Can stress cause sinusitis? Yes! A 2008 report of children with sinusitis and ear infections clearly showed a correlation between emotional stress and sinus infections from strep bacteria. Stress causes inflammation; inflammation provides fertile breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Trauma – Streptococcus (“strep”) is a primary bacteria associated with sinusitis. Of course, we all have strep bacteria living in our sinuses. Yet, we do not all have active sinus infections. Strep proliferates where there is inflammation. Any tissue injury can cause inflammation. Trauma is a cause of sinusitis.
  • Toxins – Toxins from our environment can also cause inflammation in our sinuses. Once again, inflammation allows strep and other bacteria to grow. Allergies are a form of toxin. A person with pollen allergy is more prone to sinus infection and sinusitis because of inflammation caused by pollen.
  • Deficiency – Certain deficiencies can cause sinus inflammation. A water deficiency (dehydration) paralyzes the cilia – tiny hair-like appendages in the sinus cavity. Vitamin A and Vitamin D deficiency have the same effect. Zinc deficiency is associated with sinusitis and people who don’t get enough sleep are also more prone to sinus infection.

Remedies for sinusitis
Very few people can point to one single cause of inflammation in their sinuses. With most of us it is a combination of factors that gang up on us and result in sinus inflammation. The key is for us to do a thorough – and honest – assessment of our primary causes and work to restore balance to that area of our life. It is as if our body is speaking to us through the symptom of sinus inflammation. If we learn to listen, we will relieve the inflammation as we work to support our natural healing ability.

  • Stress reduction
    The first thing we need to do is address our needs. Is stress a likely contributor to sinusitis? Then 10 minutes of deep breathing three times daily, plus 20 minutes at bedtime can help reduce the impact of stress enough to improve our symptoms. Adaptogens also play a major role in rebalancing our body when stress pulls us off kilter.
  • Hydration
    Are we drinking enough water? Targeting ½ ounce of water per pound of body weight will help us catch up on hydration. Taking zinc and other minerals can really help hold the water in tissues, much the same way as minerals in the soil hold water and allow for a healthy garden.
  • Supplementation
    Trauma and toxins call for a reduction in inflammation and detoxification. Nopalea™ is an anti-inflammatory that supports the major pathways used by your body to reduce inflammation. Vital C™ and Super Sublingual B-12 act to help reduce histamines when toxins and allergens attack the sinuses. And, of course, Sublingual B-12 is a great stress-buster as well. We want to keep strep bacteria from colonizing. Probiotics are very important in this regard. FloraVita™ is an excellent probiotic.

Sinusitis is a message from your body that something is wrong. Instead of thinking of yourself as a victim of “bad” bacteria or inflammatory pollen, learn to listen to the message of inflammation and work to reduce its impact on your sinuses and your whole body.  Please call 1-800-991-7116 or visit http://www.experience-wellness-today.com. *Kent Isakson, Independent TriVita Business Owner ID#13621138.

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