Amazing Rejuvenation Properties The Moringa oleifera tree?

Rejuvenation Properties
The Moringa oleifera tree?

•    Leaves: relieve headaches, expel parasites, relieve swelling, heal skin diseases, inflammation of the eyes and ears, bronchitis and inflammation of mucous membranes
•    Flowers: are a good tonic, expel parasites, treat tumors and enlarged spleen, relieve sore throat, and treat anxiety
•    Pods & Seeds: purify water, treat tooth ache and help to prevent tooth decay, expel worms and relieve joint pain
•    Roots: used as a laxative and to treat spasms of the colon, treat circulation problems, high blood pressure, kidney dysfunctions and low back pain; also beneficial for gout and asthma
•    In laboratory tests the leaf extract of Moringa lowers blood sugar within three hours, heals stomach ulcers, is a powerful muscle relaxant, reduces blood pressure and facilitates sleep. Also in laboratory tests, juice extract from leaves and bark have shown antibacterial and antiviral properties, and show strong activity against the tuberculosis bacterium.

Leaves of Moringa can substitute for meat, soy bean products or dairy products as the leaves have a complete compliment of essential amino acids – a complete source of the protein that is required for good health. Ounce per ounce, leaves of Moringa oleifera:

 Contain more Vitamin A than carrots for good eyesight and to prevent blindness
 More calcium than milk for strong bones and teeth
 More iron than spinach for healthy blood cells
 The full balanced compliment of B vitamins, such as thiamin, riboflavin and niacin for brain, muscle and neurological development
 High levels of Vitamin C, which make it excellent for preventing scurvy

The Moringa leaf powder is also an excellent source of Vitamin E, an effective antioxidant that assists with DNA repair mechanisms.

All these statistics look good in scientific papers and research reports, but on the ground, in real life in impoverished nations, you can see Moringa, the Miracle Tree of Life, doing the real work of saving lives.  Until I discovered the many uses of Moringa, I did not believe that there was much hope for the millions of people on this planet who are dying of starvation and suffering from the horrible socioeconomic conditions they live in. I have now adopted a much more hopeful and optimistic view for the future as I now have every reason to believe that we can save, feed, heal and empower the inhabitants of the planet.

We have developed a very effective Moringa juice concentrate, a Moringa leaf powder and capsules that can help to take people from ill health to good health, and those who are fortunate enough to already be enjoying good health can experience supreme health.

The purpose of this letter is to make you aware of the fact that we are asking everyone to purchase a Moringa tree seedling from World’s Choice Products so that we can work with the private groups that are funding much needed Moringa tree plantings in poverty stricken countries. The tree does grow naturally in many of the countries where it is needed in the tropical regions of the world, but what must be launched now is a concerted effort to plant more trees and educate the people about the value of the tree so that they will be empowered to take advantage of this wonderful agricultural resource.

When you help to fund our efforts by buying seedlings, you are enabling us to make the Moringa products available at no cost to poor people who are suffering with degenerative diseases. Please join hands with us in our campaign to Save, Feed, Heal and Empower the Planet. Thank you for your caring and cooperation.
Sincerely,  Albert Sanchez, Ed.S., Ph.D.
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