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(Between the ages of 27 to 35 years, our enzyme levels, as well as testosterone, and estrogen, drop substantially by 33%.  Human growth hormone (HGH), and DHEA, aid in the production of over 50 other hormones in the human body – as well as manufacture the lions share of estrogen in women and testosterone in men.  As these bio available compounds plunge, the human body literally begins to shut down and turn off its life sustaining mechanisms.)

This decrease in the life essence of the human body brings with it a considerable decline in the “quality” of our health and therefore our lives.  This quality is now replaced with sleepless nights, slower metabolism, poor circulation, reproductive and sexual problems, and decreased immune function.  These conditions lead to a much greater vulnerability for diseases such as cancer, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, prostate inflammation, swelling and cancer in men, and women suffering through the pain of pelvic inflammatory conditions, ovarian inflammation and cancer, and an ever growing difficulty with urinary tract infections.

During the course of my life I have maintained an awareness of all cutting edge information that kept me in the “loop” regarding practices allopathic and alternative, new and improved supplements, their advantages as well as their drawbacks.

I feel as if I have drunk, guzzled, popped, sprayed, oiled, rubbed, virtually every worthwhile and highly effective supplement known to humanity…their origins reading like a condensed geographical pharmacopeia.  I have sampled from the apothecaries of China, Africa, India, S.E. Asia, Great Britain, and the U.S.

The Body Complete Formula 1 by Body Resources is the “one” supplement that I can, in all honesty say is the closest elixir to the fountain of youth I have ever used.  It works profoundly and expediently, reinstating heath, vitality, and overall physical and chemical balance in the human body.  Its key ingredients are ingeniously formulated to counter physical decay brought on by the ravages of time.

In men, by the age of 50 years, 75% will have enlarged prostates while 34% will contract cancer.  Prostate cancer is the second most contracted cancer among men in the western hemisphere and is the second leading cause of death by cancer next to lung cancer.  These conditions more times than not is due to what we will term hormonal inversion.  What the heck is this you ask?

There are two essential hormones underlying and literally creating the fabric of life in men and women.  They are testosterone and estrogen.  As we age our bodies not only decline in the abundance of these masculine and feminine essences, but what our body continues to produce is aberrantly mutated by the secretion of two enzymes known as 5 Alpha Reductase and Aromatase.

In other words 5 alpha reductase transforms our testosterone into “Dihydrotesterone” or DHT which in free form in the blood stream can cause major hormonal imbalances resulting in hair loss, drop in bone mineral density, prostate swelling, cancer, decrease in muscle mass, gradual inability to concentrate and focus, decline in the drive to further develop and refine one’s life and the overall zest for life and living.  Not to mention a substantial decrease in sexual energy, passion, interest, ability to perform and production of semen. The modern term for these symptoms is called Andropause or male Menopause. Researchers are also discovering that Andropause symptoms can happen at any age in  a mature male. It should also be noted that balanced testosterone is the firing mechanism for orgasmic response in both men and women.

Now, as if this were not bad enough, with the addition of aromatase we are subjected to a devastating one two punch.  The enzyme Aromatase literally converts our testosterone into estrogen in both men and women, predisposing both to estrogen dominant patterns which lead to much of the health challenges mentioned earlier. Because of aromatase, by the time a man is 34 yrs of age his body is producing more estrogen than testosterone.  By the age of 60 he is producing twice as much estrogen as testosterone, and by the age of 90, God willing he can last that long, 12 times as much.  They have found more estrogen in a 54 year old man than a 59 year old woman.

Women on the other hand must also endure many chemical and physiological changes due to this conversion of estrogen into estradiol which is the strongest form of the three types of estrogen produced in the body.   Depending where a woman is regarding her chronology will depend on the degenerative impact of the enzymes.

With lowered levels of bio friendly estrogen, or better yet “estrogen resistence” caused by an overload of estradiol, women succumb to a litany of disorders.  Lowered estrogen after menopause insures one of deficient bone mineral density, osteoporosis, osteopenia, arthritis, etc.  Her body’s collagen breaks down more readily, robbing her skin of its elasticity.  Younger women must contend with issues associated with fertility, milk flow, libido, menstrual irregularities, fluid retention and pelvic inflammatory conditions.  Not to mention ovarian cysts, fibroids, and estrys, which we know is the state of female excitability. Cell receptive  Bio organic estrogen is involved in every phase of the female reproductive process.  Thus estrogen, like testosterone in men, creates the very foundation that feminine energy is built upon.

Now many women will question the role and importance of estrogen in their overall constitution because of the media focus and hype pertaining to women and the ills of being estrogen dominant.  It is imperative that women understand that estrogen dominance has “little” to do with her body’s natural stores of estrogen. One of the main causes of Estrogen dominance is created by what are described as “Zeno-estrogens” which are chemicals found in  plastics, soaps, skin and hair care products along with a list of other common house hold items. The major contributor however are the particulate atmospheric compounds that “mimic” estrogen in the human body from the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat.

These chemicals severely damage the cellular and bio chemical infrastructure creating an array of serious physiological and metabolic disturbances.  Zeno-estrogens also impact the liver by blocking its energetic pathways, creating hepatic congestion and impairing the many functions it is designed to do.  The liver oversees 900 different functions in women, 500 in men.  Need I say more?

Body Complete Formula 1 addresses all of these issues and more in both the male and female constitution.  Beta-sitosterol is both an inhibitor and neutralizer of 5 alpha reductase and aromatase.  This ensures proper levels of healthy estrogen and testosterone in the human body, while negating the many adverse side effects created by their lack.

Ellagic Acid, a natural compound found in pomegranates and raspberries, plays a vital role in systemic “aptosis” an action by which cancer cells are caused to self destruct.  It has a strong affinity to the breast areas and prostate where tests have revealed the self destruction of these cells within 48 hours.  Ellagic Acid is also anti fungal, viral, parasitic, and a powerful eradicator of yeast in the body.

EDTA is another remarkable addition to this formula.  As we age calcium moves from the bones and teeth into the soft tissues and organs.  This creates the formation of kidney stones, gall stones, prostate stones and arteriosclerosis.  EDTA as a chelator breaks down and aids in the removal of this excess glandular calcium.   EDTA is also a chelator of toxic minerals like cadmium which we derive from soft drinks, sea food, plastics, etc.  Cadmium causes chronic fatigue, hair loss, impotence, and arthritis.  EDTA neutralizes and removes this toxic mineral from the body as well as free form calcium, preventing these conditions from manifesting.

Zinc, extracted from pumpkin seeds is also contained in this formula, for it controls everything from swelling and inflammation of the prostate, to spermatogenesis(formation of semen) in men, to being involved in the development of primary and secondary sex organs in both genders, sex drive, and in women conceiving and actually giving birth.

Last but not least is the ingeniously designed delivery system for Body Complete Formula 1.  Formed as a suppository, it has many advantages that oral supplements cannot begin to compete with.  The absorption through the intestinal membrane, of the vital agents contained within the suppository are “20 TIMES” greater than oral preparations.  There are no dietary or time restrictions based on a need to eat with this supplement.  Whether it is taken with or without food becomes a mute point.Application is simple and easy.  For men with prostate issues it is a godsend because the suppository sits opposite the prostate through the intestinal membrane creating optimum absorption of ingredients directly
into the gland.

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