POWERFUL Natural Immune Booster in Coffee?

When I learned about ganoderma, I was impressed at how it helps many areas of the body’s needs, Including the digestive system, aiding with detoxification, improving immune system functions, providing antioxidants, creating a natural hormone balance and eliminating arthritis and joint pain. - Dr. Frances Webb Smith’s OB/GYN (Health News International Inc, 2010, Vol 20 Number 4): OB/GYN and cosmetic surgeon and have been in practice for fourteen years, Toledo, OH
Hello, the name of our company is GTC Associates LLC.  We have great news for coffee drinkers:   Introducing an organic gourmet coffee and beverages.

We have an organic gourmet coffee that is a coffee lover’s dream come true.  How often have you been told to reduce your consumption or quit drinking coffee altogether? At last, an organic gourmet coffee that has all the gourmet taste you have come to expect from coffee and none of the risks you read about. Imagine the aroma…savor the gourmet taste of a delicious cup of coffee drenched in health giving nutrients with every cup.

Our organic gourmet coffee and beverages has a natural herb (Ganoderma Lucidum) that has 150 antioxidants and considered to be the closest thing to nutritional
perfection found in nature.

The herb is infused into our various gourmet coffees, tea, and hot chocolate through a patented process.

When was the last time your favor brand of coffee sent you a check for drinking or referring someone to their coffee?   This is THE COFFEE THAT PAYS!!!!!  To learn how to get a complimentary sample or looking for additional stream of income, please contact us with the business card enclosed.

Sincerely, Greg and Terri   Website: www.steppingt.organogold.com

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