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  • The Menopausal Woman and Whole Food Nutrition by D Hodges, Holistic Health Teacher, Chicago, IL
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The Menopausal Woman and Whole Food Nutrition by D Hodges, Holistic Health Teacher, Chicago, IL

I will celebrate my sixty-second year on this planet in October. I was a pioneer in holistic living , when it was not in vogue. Consequently, my family benefited from my research and determination to live a healthy lifestyle.

It is my belief that our toxic environment is creating a challenge for women like myself who are preparing for their “TIME OF POWER” “MENOPAUSEʼ yes, my sisters, it is a time of wisdom, understanding, confidence and we are still very much desirable!

In T.Owen Mooreʼs book Dark Matter Dark Secrets he explains his research on melanin
is more than skin pigmentation. It is produced in the pineal gland and we require
optimum nutrition to nourish this gland. Melanin function can help optimize health and
slow the aging process. Our diets should consist of nothing but natural substances. We
live in a modern age of processed, packaged food items. Artificial food items may lead
to neurodegeneative diseases.

Menopausal women are plagued with weight gain, emotional and digestion issues, bone
density maybe challenged, also. In Deepak Chopraʼs “Perfect Digestion” he states the
body is capable of creating a new skeleton in three months. If this is true, then all we
require is a high vibration source for food so new cells duplicate themselves in a healthy

I have embraced the “RAW PROMISE” 26 WHOLE FOODS mathematically formulated
for your body to use them immediately. No more guessing if I got every thing I needed
today, no more feeling guilty because I was too busy to eat, so I just nibbled on junk or
low vibration food sources.

Visit www.3147383.myforevergreen.org/TheRawPromise/GetStarted.html enjoy the idea of eating to ʻLIVE” ,download the  booklet with easy guides and menu.  COPY THIS LINK INTO YOUR WEB BROWSER.  THE DIRECT LINK IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY FROM THIS PAGE.

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