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About MGM Friends

Our unique, MGM Friends Relationship Networking Group was developed by friendly business professionals who needed a platform to promote the growth of their businesses through relationship building for the purpose of helping friends increase their exposure throughout the community.

Our Founder Woogie Bajgier photos below had a dream that relationships could be built without the need for forced referrals. Started in 2012 with 1 location, MGM friends has been growing ever since on the same relationship driven values.

0448830001679508705.jpgA How Can We Help You Culture

Over 24 Monthly Locations in Tampa Bay

MGM Friends, a friendly focused relationship networking group of dedicated business professionals working with integrity, sharing knowledge and unique skills networking together as friends helping friends to grow their businesses through trusted relationships.

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eXp Realty, the only cloud base Real Estate Company in the world. Our eXp Realty collaborative platforms, is changing the way that agents, brokers, and consumers work together.

Learn, Share, Succeed, Together…come join an exciting Real Estate Company where you can generate more revenue through our unique lead generation software and create an amazing retirement fund for you and your family.

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