14 Powerful Natural Health Resources

14 Powerful Natural Health Resources 

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1- Biolumina Spirulina, one of the true superfoods to help with energy, immune support, and mental clarity. healthyref.newphoenixrising.com  

2- www.polymva.com in clinical use for over 30 yrs.  Based in cellular energy. Non toxic.  Has been used for cancer support including over 55% success in assisting with stage 4 with a double board oncologist in NV. (ask how to access this.. not sold in stores).

3- Infar Red Sauna mimics sunlight energy. Increases core body temp quickly.  Has been used for reducing inflammation and detox.  (ask about how to order, our associate in natural health for over 40 yrs is their national distributor-ask about free shipping in USA)   www.tinyurl.com/healingsauna  


4- Breathing.  Buteyko breathing method to help reduce blood pressure, improve circulation and mindfulness.  www.correctbreathing.com

5- Top Mushrooms for General Health


6-Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease.  Caldwell Esselstyn, MD author. Former Board Gov Cleveland Clinic. Contributor Forks Over Knives.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqKNfyUPzoU

7- Keith Block MD author Life Over Cancer.  Top integrative cancer oncologist.  Which Foods Should Cancer Patients Avoid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdu3EiJsJyY

8- Sepsis, acute respiratory distress syndrome, cancer and COVID-19 are seemingly incurable illnesses. We say ‘seemingly’ because there is a way to battle all of these diseases. Cardiologist and lawyer Dr Thomas Levy joins us in this episode to explain vitamin C's role in disease treatment. He also talks about other essential therapies and nutrients that can help prevent illness and improve our health. If you want to know more about intravenous vitamin C's benefits and how it can save lives, then this episode is for you. Here are three reasons why you watch this video: 1. You will learn how oxidation causes disease. 2. Discover how vitamin C fights oxidation. 3. Learn more about the other key players in oxidative therapy and other useful nutrients in health and disease.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vyQaKewB6Y

9- Longevity Contributing Writer Joseph Maroon, MD author Longevity Factor  Dr. Joseph Maroon, author of The Longevity Factor: How Resveratrol and Red Wine Activate Genes for a Longer and Healthier Life, Simon and Schuster 2009 Through continued learning and study, Dr. Joseph Maroon began to challenge the idea that disease and disability of aging are inevitable. Having seen the ravages of disease due to poor life choices on many of his patients, he realized that his job as a neurosurgeon was actually sick care not health care. He began to learn about methods treatments and nutritional factors that might prolong and improve our health, and reduce disease and disability. As part of a healthy lifestyle program, factors such as what we eat or don't eat become critical to whether our bodies function in a healthy way.

10- Neal Barnard, MD | A Nutritional Approach for Reversing Diabetes

In a new video, Neal Barnard, MD, shares his research on the power of a plant-based diet to help prevent, manage, and reverse type 2 diabetes and improve health in general. Learn more about diet and diabetes  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAiXvrIMIIE&t=167s

11- www.thenhf.com the oldest health freedom org in the world 

12. www.bodytechnic.com A holistic systems approach to movement/rehab, the mind/body connection to a lifetime of movement.

13. www.brainmaster.com Comprehensive brain mapping software and hardware - education for improved performance, concussion protocol, ADD, and more. 

14. Electromagnetic Frequency Protection: Absorbs most of the radiation into your cell phone picture on the left. Call for pricing: 216-533-2273. Or write to [email protected] 

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