RollEZ Lift Helps Make It Easier to Mobilize the Bedridden and Lessen the Burden for Caregivers, Nurses and Family

0619450001666523531.jpgJoy Young

Sarasota, FL

Joy Young is a retired Sea Captain. After having to take care of many of her ill family members for the past 30 years, she used her knowledge in leveraging from her captain days to develop innovative health products focused on making the job of caregivers a lot easier. With her extended experience in working around the present resources for aiding bedridden loved ones, Joy is working to change the current market to a more accessible one, where people can easily help each other when needed.

We needed a device that would make it easy to mobilize a bedridden person and help caregivers, nurses and anyone taking care of their loved ones, so we created the RollEZ Lift.

0487941001666522739.jpg With RollEZ Lift anyone can maneuver patients of all sizes up to 400 Lbs on their beds without the need for draw sheets or making the patient feel like a piece of meat with extra attachments.

The RollEZ Lift is a product that uses leverage instead of brute force, aiding whoever has the task to move and lift a person on a bed without straining. We want the RollEz Lift to help anyone that is put in a position of taking care of someone, giving them the confidence to do advanced tasks that can otherwise be difficult without the RollEZ Lift.  

Nurses and caregivers are taught to mobilize their patients using bed sheets, something that strains them heavily due to using their own strength to try to move and lift their patients. This standard technique can tire and weaken the caregiver through time. We designed the RollEZ Lift thinking of this and similar problems caused by daily maneuvering of a patient.  


 The creator and designer of the RollEZ Lift Joy Young had to take care of her husband with Stage Four Cancer, and she concluded that she needed to find a better way for people like her to maneuver their sick loved ones without the physical strain she had to go through. This is how our company Joyz Medical Concepts LLC, and the RollEZ Lift started. We envision our product to be used by nurses, caregivers, and anyone taking care of their loved ones using our product to ease the arduous routine of maneuvering a patient daily.

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