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By April Bacchi, CA - photo above (Student and Business Associate of Ball Chi Fitness founder Charlene Renee - photo below)
0305520001609026436.jpgBall Chi Fitness International is a SpiritMind-Body transformation fitness system. We have proven maximum results and relevancy between aligning these three components. The Ball Chi Fitness System was created as a vehicle to achieve overall optimum Health and Wellness. Ball Chi Fitness provides Meditation (for the spirit), Body Affirmations (for the mind) and Fitness Training (for the body). 

Ball Chi Fitness International provides several unique and diverse services based all around the same Spirit-Mind-Body philosophies. We believe that in order to truly transform your life you must become accountable for the life choices that you are currently creating. 

Once you have become accountable for your thoughts and actions then you are ready to release all of the limitations that have you stuck in low energy vibrations, high stress levels, and an unhealthy state emotionally and physically. Ball Chi Fitness has successfully created the tools and techniques to guide you to your highest state of transformation with life changing results.” 

Spirit Fitness Ball Chi Spirit Fitness focuses on the importance of meditation. Meditation has been scientifically proven to provide many benefits for the brain and body. Ball Chi Fitness has incorporated guided meditation into all of the services we provide to clients. 

0515443001609025106.jpgMeditation paves the way for improved and enhanced focus as you learn to self-regulate the mind. This focused training and awareness enables you to bring mental processes under greater voluntary control and thereby foster general mental well-being and development. Your senses will expand as you learn to master your own awareness. Sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch senses become more attuned with continued daily practice. 

Meditation helps you to become more at ease, releases stress (cortisol) and negative emotions and cultivates a sound environment to create healthy new cells within the body. 

Meditation has been proven to increase brain matter, which means you rapidly start to notice better memory retention, focus, and clarity. The most important benefit to the body is a large decrease in stress levels (up to 50%) in just 10 minutes when practiced daily. This allows your mind to image, dream and relax deeply. When your body learns to relax into deep meditation, your muscles and organs begin to rejuvenate, giving you extra energy and balance. 

Meditation opens up your creative flow by rewiring the brain for new and deeper emotional connections. You’ll see improvement in your home, social and work relationships. This also increases a deeper self-love vibration within your spirit, mind, and body. Your mind can only create outcomes based upon your beliefs. 

Are your belief systems holding you back from success spiritually, mentally and physically? Daily visualization of your highest good, while resonating in a deep meditative state, allows optimum health and wellness to become your new reality. This is why meditation is such a powerful tool for personal growth and development. Meditation is a technique that has been used worldwide for many years by fortune 500 companies, elite athletes, writers, hypnotherapists, military soldiers, and enlightened people from all walks of life. 

Mind Fitness Ball Chi Mind Fitness focuses on the importance of the thoughts and words we choose to speak towards our bodies. Ball Chi Fitness teaches you positive body terminology to enhance your transformation at a much quicker and deeper emotional level. 

0802608001609026172.jpgBall Chi Fitness teaches body affirmations as a vehicle to loving the body in the present moment. (founder Charlene Renee in photo above) Affirmations are: “a positive assertion or declaration, a way to change your way of thinking.” Affirmations increase the vibration frequencies within the body changing the molecular structure of your cells. This powerful tool will eliminate negative thoughts, emotional weight, and physical ailments from within. 

Ball Chi Fitness believes that your mental state is 80% of the reason you will or will not change. Through this philosophy we focus on reprogramming new thoughts and words to speak towards our bodies so the mind-body connection will become positive and responsive. Scientific research has proven that our emotions control our weight. Once you can start releasing and letting go of the negative thought patterns and emotions, the weight will begin to fall off naturally. This has proven true in hypnotherapy for years, and has proven true in Ball Chi Fitness. 

Remember that old saying, “Be careful of the words you speak for they become you”? This statement could not be more real. Words affect us both positively and negatively. Our bodies are a combination of creative energy and tangible matter that require high vibration frequencies of love, peace and joy to achieve optimum Spirit- Mind- Body results. I love and approve of my body! (repeat multiple times daily and watch the transformation) 

Body Fitness Ball Chi Body Fitness consists of exclusive styles of full body workouts utilizing a stability ball, soft medicine ball, and additional resistance equipment (depending upon the needs or experience of each individual client). Ball Chi Fitness teaches you a mind-over-body connection including meditative breathing, posture awareness, core strength and control, and, most importantly, to gain complete muscle control over your body. Our diverse workouts each penetrate deep into the second layer of muscle, waking up muscles in your body that have often never been utilized. This results in a quick reaction and response, on a cellular level, triggering muscles to lean out, tone up and strengthen. Within 12 sessions, our clients experience overall healing benefits, increased flexibility, power and agility, and a deeper sense of self. 

Ball Chi Fitness is a proven method to release back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, and even hip pain within the first 30 days. Ball Chi Fitness, although an anaerobic workout causes the heart rate to raise, increasing thermogenic activity throughout the body. This process of raising the resting metabolic rate has proven to lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health, and decrease diabetic numbers in clients. You will start to notice immediate results in your posture along with heightened sense of awareness concerning standing and sitting up straight. 

Ball Chi Fitness has proven these results for Men, Women, and children of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels, ranging from 8 to 76 years old. Ball Chi Fitness has rehabilitated a significant number of people in severe chronic pain, bed ridden, recovering from sports injuries or car accidents, set to have surgery with muscle atrophy and overall fatigue. 

0286350001609025657.jpgBall Chi Fitness has been put to the test by professionals such as corporate executives, coaches, athletes, fighters, martial artists, ballet dancers, bodybuilders and personal trainers. The beauty of the Ball Chi Fitness system, however, is the adaptability of the program to benefit everyone of all ages and abilities or incapacities. 

We offer many transformal services, virtually and in person workshops and retreats, both locally and internationally that will keep you educated and informed. We will customize your program and event. Within our goals and mission statement, we plan to transform a million people. Your Self Love Matters. Please see additional services, RAW CBD and other products and resources throughout our website. 


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