Far Infra Red Sauna Used by Doctor's Practice for Wound Healing, Lyme disease, Arthritis, Losing Weight, for Detoxing and to Speed Healing of Injuries.

Dr. Jill has owned the Relax far infrared sauna for a year and uses it with her clients daily. She loves it and it has increased her practice greatly. The doctor uses Relax sauna daily in her practice for wound healing, Lyme disease, arthritis, losing weight, for detoxing and to speed healing of injuries.

The appliance that belongs in Every home!
When one goes into a home, we see many modern appliances that make life in the United States a more complete experience.  In the 1950’s we saw the introduction of televisions and air-conditioners.  Most homes also have washing machines and dryers, and of course electric or gas stoves.  We have showers to clean the outside of our bodies, and the washing machines use water to saturate clothes so that the grime and grease and dirt can be washed out of the clothes, so we have clean fresh clothes.

What appliance do we have that cleans the cells of our bodies in the same way that a washing machine cleans every fiber of clothing?    

Well, it is here now!  The Relax Far Infrared Saunausing Far Infrared light that resonates with every cell of your body, infusing a deep penetrating light energy into your body, not just cleansing every cell of the body and eliminating the toxins, giving you a feeling of pure fresh youth, but also relieving aches and pain caused by arthritis fibromyalgia, Lyme, mold and sports injuries. 

Highly effective Purification and Detoxification and Much more!  Heats up in 30 seconds. 20 minutes for a complete detox sweat.  The Relax Sauna is portable, lightweight, easy-to-set-up, and tear-down – 5 times more powerful than a $5000 wooden infrared sauna, selling for a fraction of the cost, $2000 reduced to $1300.  Use discount code: HR for an additional $75 off at www.Relaxsaunas.com.  The appliance that belongs in every home!

Lauren Child - MD, NY - "I bought the sauna last year.  I use it every night, five nights a week myself.  t helps me sleep. It helps my joints. It helps my muscles. And, the biggest thing, it helps my mental health and my emotional health. I have three small children. They all love it.  11, 12, and 16, they all go in with me.” 

$2000 marked to $1400.  Ask when you order about FREE shipping. The appliance that belongs in every home!  

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