Announcing International Tennis Learning Center

Thank you for taking the time to read about a major project to help inspire kids. This idea started in the early 80’s when I volunteered to teach at the Israel Tennis Centers in Tel Aviv. What I saw was the most amazing idea where thousands of kids interacted, Jewish, Arab, Ethiopian, Russian with the common bond of having fun playing tennis and learning.
Below is a rendering of an 8 court center with 2 clay, 6 hard, juice bar, and vegan cafe, corporate conference room to entertain clients, classrooms for teaching yoga, starting your own business, sports medicine, physical therapy.  This will be under an eco bubble that lets light in during the day and does not require the heavy noisy fans.

Completed projects include:

  1. teacher training for Cleveland Public Schools at Cleveland State
  2. camp at Case Western Reserve U. for inner city kids
  3. 1 day camp at Luke Easter Park with a special guest the Athletic Director Morehouse College
  4. Camp on behalf of Olivet Institutional Baptist Church at Cleveland State. Rev. Dr. Otis Moss Jr., pastor who worked with Martin Luther King Jr. on civil rights issues
  5. School demonstration at Whitney Young Jr. High on Harvard in front of approx. 200 kids
  6. Here’s a preliminary 3D rendering of a proposed center in E. Cleveland at Forest Hill Park developed by Woodrow Marcus, president of 3D Visual ConConcepts.
  7. After the excitement in the kids, it was recognized that there should be a year round international tennis and learning center to help kids year round.

The initial center will be indoor with future plans for a stadium court to seat a few thousand.

Below is the type of building developed by Goodyear that brings the outdoors indoors.

To cover the cost of the building, we are seeking to offer the naming rights to the center for approx. $3,000,000 to cover building costs and site preparation so there will be no mortgage going in. The operating costs will come from usage fees and corporate sponsorships and advertising sponsorships to allow us to give scholarships to inner city kids for training.

This center will be international. Discussions are in progress with the tennis coach at Shaker re: starting an international exchange program and a cultural understanding program that he has developed at Shaker H.S.

Additional information enclosed are letters and ideas we’ve collected over the years to support this cause.

Thanks for taking a look at this idea. Your ideas are greatly appreciated.

THE structure is a light air supported building that is quiet WITOUT THE NOISE OF TRADITIONAL BUBBLE FANS AND BLOWERS. The foundation helps educate people on health and well being and a large component of the learning at the center will include classes on diet, nutrition, complementary health, and personal development.


Thomas Katovsky, cofounder-cofounder- [email protected] former tennis coach Kent State U. and John Carroll U.

Marchia Carnicelli Minor, cofounder

Tennis Reaching Youth, was started in 1988 to help inner city youth and kids from around the world.

This structure unlike traditional bubles does NOT require the heavy blowers and as you can see in the photo air is passing thru in a large space with the bubble in tact. Included are locker rooms, computer room, conference room for corporate clients, library, natural food cafe, seating, and the possibility of a holistic health center in stage 2.

Contact: Thomas Katovsky, former men’s tennis coach Kent State and John Carroll, cofounder of Healthy Referral Newspaper with Marcia Carnicelli Minor at 216-212-1061 or email: [email protected][email protected]

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