The Truth about Cholesterol and Heart Disease

There is a great need to clarify the relationship between cholesterol and heart disease. It is true that elevated cholesterol is related to heart disease, but not in the way we’ve been told.   It is also true that 50-70% (depending on the study) of the people who have a heart attack have normal cholesterol.  This begs the question, what is the real cause of heart disease?  Is high cholesterol a cause or it is merely a symptom or consequence of a much more pervasive condition?

Cholesterol’s function:
Cholesterol is the body’s raw material from which it makes the hormones that control body chemistry and function.  When the body’s hormone levels drop, the body puts more cholesterol into the system to compensate.

Thus, hormone deficiency would seem to be the primary cause behind rising cholesterol levels.  The Dzugan Institute has proven this concept with two separate studies.  In both studies, 100% of patients responded to hormone replacement therapy with reductions in their total cholesterol levels.  Serum cholesterol figures post-treatment averaged 188 in the first study and had a mean of 191 in the second.  None of the patients reported any negative side effects and most felt that their quality of life had significantly improved.

Low hormone levels have been directly linked to a large number of the conditions states normally associated with aging – heart disease, menopause, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, depression, arthritis, and migraine.  Hormones are used by every system in your body.  As hormone levels drop, so does overall health.

Statins vs. Hormone Therapy: To lower serum cholesterol, patients have two distinct options.  Statins, which cut off the supply of raw materials to the body and have side effects mimicking Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia; or Hormone Restsoration Therapy – with side benefits of increased energy, clarity, libido and overall health.  The choice is clear.

Dzugan Method Restorative Medicine is an international network of anti-aging & regenerative medicine physicians bringing the world a new paradigm in Health Care. For more information and to receive the cholesterol chapter from “Your Blood Doesn’t Lie” (Sergey Dzugan, MD, PhD, and George Rozakis, MD) call 877-402-2721 or go to

Dzugan Method Founders and Co-Authors of “Your Blood Doesn’t Lie”
(photo on left)  Sergey A. Dzugan, MD, PhD is co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of the Dzugan Institute of Restorative Medicine and a former Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery.  Dr. Dzugan is a Member of the Editorial Board of the Neuroendocrinilogy Letters and a member of the Medical Advisory Board at Life Extension Magazine.  (photo on right) George Rozakis, MD, Surgeon and Biomedical Engineer, holder of multiple patents, author of two books and numerous publications in medical journals. 

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