The Sinful Ingredients in Skin Care Products

Laurice Skin Care and Cosmetics is a company with a purpose to provide the highest quality of skin care products. Our company focuses on creating superior products.

Our products are made with the highest quality herbal extracts, marine extracts, as well as pharmaceutical-grade Swiss Bio-Extracts. We are committed to creating systems specifically targeted for correcting skin conditions using a synergy of active components. We employ advanced delivery technologies including liposomes, microsperes, microsponges, encapsulation, and state-of-the-art emulsions. Additionally we use globally sourced plant extracts produced with modern extraction technologies ensuring the vitality of the phytochemicals. Ingredients are Cruelty-free. What we avoid:

* Mineral Oil and Petrolatum
* Isopropyl Mysristate
* Isopropyl Palmitate
* Crude Lanolins
* Known sensitizing agents
* Known comedogenic materials

Mineral oil is a liquid blend of hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum. Petrolatum is a purified mixture of semi solid hydrocarbons e.g. Vaseline. These ingredients create an oily film over the skin and prevent the evaporation of moisture. They coat the surface of the skin as oppose to building up the moisture level beneath the surface. This causes the skin to become asphyxiated. Asphyxiated skin results in the impaired exchange of oxygen. Exchanges usually caused by excessive accumulation of keratin on skin surface, thus causing a dull lifeless complexion.

May be accompanied by numerous comedones and/or vesicles. Consequently, the skin begins to age. Aging skin is skin that starts to lose its firmness and elasticity. Small lines begin to form, especially around the eyes, mouth, and forehead.

Isopropyl Myristate is a widely used fatty compound derived from isopropyl alcohol and myristic acid. Isopropyl Palmitate is the ester of isopropyl alcohol. Both ingredients promote dryness and are shown to be comedogenic in studies. These ingredients will strip the ph balance of the skin, as well as irritate and burn the skin. The ph in the skin is the acid mantle (the protective fluid made up of perspiration, oils, and other debris) considered important to the health of the skin. The skin surface normally has a ph between 4.5 and 5.5.

Lastly, crude lanolin comes from the wax found in sheep wool after shearing. In raw crude form, it is thick, sticky, and highly reactive to sensitive skin. It is a sensitizer, which causes the skin to become sensitive to other ingredients in the environment. It also causes the skin to produce an adverse physical reaction such as redness, swelling, blistering, itching, and blemishes.

In conclusion, Laurice Koury, owner of Laurice Skin Care and Cosmetics and manufacturer of healthy skin care products for the entire body recommends avoiding the above mentioned ingredients and products that contain said ingredients. The main reasons are because these substances will coat the skin, block pores, and they do not hydrate. After a period of time with continued use these ingredients will cause blackheads, cysts, the breakdown of the collagen and elastin of the skin causing the skin to droop and age, and the tissue around the eyes will become dark and puffy.

Laurice Skin Care and Cosmetics focuses on proper maintenance of the health of skin, utilizing products designated to maintain and correct the skin that will directly influence the control of blemishes, reduce and postpone signs of aging and, therefore, keep the skin clean, moist, and attractive.

Laurice is licensed with the State of Ohio, and is a certified AME member of the Aesthetics Congress. She has practiced as a paramedical esthetician for over three and one-half decades. In 2006, Co-op America recognized Laurice Skin Care as a green business because of Laurice’s commitment to using natural and botanical ingredients in her products and her dedication to healthy skin. Green businesses operate in ways that solve, rather than cause, both environmental and social problems. For further information—please feel free to contact Laurice at (216) 378-2200 or visit her website at

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