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The Zamu Gold Story Featuring Singer Olivia Newton-John

A Journey Into Wellness -(Zamu Gold is a first and only daily defense formula for your health that combines over a dozen powerful Amazon Rainforest botanicals. It’s been called “The Gold Standard,” because it helps improve immune functioning while making you feel your best)

Superstar Olivia Newton-John had it all. Movie and television fame — who could forget “Grease,” the most successful movie musical in history? As a 4-time Grammy-winning recording artist she had dozens of Top 10 hits and over 100 million albums sold worldwide.  It seemed a charmed life. At least until 1992, when Olivia was told she had breast cancer. It was a pivotal moment and Olivia chose the path to taking responsibility for her own health.

John Easterling (Amazon John) had been a treasure hunter in South America for many years trading in gemstones and tribal artifacts. When he suffered a health crisis, the indigenous people shared local plant medicines that took his wellness to a new level. His life path was changed forever. Over the next 20 years, Amazon John devoted his life to studying the therapeutic value of Rainforest plants.

While on her own healing journey, Olivia crossed paths with Amazon John. He introduced her to the natural plant formulas of the Rainforest. These botanicals ultimately transformed her health, her life and her future.  Amazon John and Olivia joined forces with TriVita’s CEO and Founder, Michael R. Ellison.

As a result of this newfound partnership, Amazon John teamed up with TriVita’s Chief Science Officer Brazos Minshew to develop “The Gold Standard” daily defense formula for health and wellness – Zamu Gold. This formula integrates a long history of Indigenous herbal healing knowledge that has attracted the brightest minds in the scientific community. It’s a formula that re-enforces our vital life force and natural immune intelligence.

Order today Zamu Gold: Brought To You by Kent Isakson, Independent TriVita Business Owner, ID# 13621138. Or call TriVita Headquarters phone number of 1-800-991-7116 and mention Kent Isakson referred you ID 13621138.  For more information visit: http://www.zamugold.com/13621138

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