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Welcome!My name is Helene Berk, M.Ed., R.D.
^^^^^^^^^ I produce & host Healthy People Radio. I’ve been a registered dietitian practicing Medical Nutrition Therapy since 1984.

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MAKE THE DECISION to be lean, healthy and energetic ~ with Medical Nutrition Therapy ~

Are you seeking solutions for chronic inflammation, obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome or “Syndrome X” ???
Have you been diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases, like hyperlipidemia or hypertriglyceridemia…
hypertension …hormonal imbalances …lifestyle related cancers? Do you suffer with an eating disorder??
Or, perhaps you simply wish to improve your eating habits or melt excess baggage?
I provide a variety of options for support, for every income level. So, you’ve come to the right place!!!
You can start with my FREE metabolic makeover checklist …yes. I said “FREE” !!!!

Get started ~ Take that first step …onto the road to health & vitality ~
Start TODAY with these “HABITS OF LEAN, HEALTHY, ENERGETIC PEOPLE” I developed over a decade ago to overcome my own eating disorder. Remain conscious of this checklist. Being perfect with it is missing it’s point. It is not about perfection. It’s about PROGRESS. Study it. Learn it, inside and out. Embrace changes, one at a time. Select habits you are inspired to transform TODAY …and FEEL the DIFFERENCE!

Discover “Conscious Cuisine” The natural products industry is exploding with conscious & therapeutic options!

Conscious Cuisine begins with non-genetically engineered ingredients. The current availability of natural products is sky-rocketing. However many “natural” ingredients are not natural at all… like soy lecithin in dark chocolate, which is genetically engineered… UNLESS THE LABEL SAYS “NON-GMO” or “ORGANIC”. This is why WE CONSUMERS ABSOLUTELY MUST CREATE “THE TIPPING POINT” by demanding food manufacturers use NON-GENETICALLY MODIFIED INGREDIENTS in their products. It has come to light by The Institute of Responsible Technology, founder/activist Jeffrey M. Smith, this technology is DANGEROUS. And, The American Academy of Environmental Medicine [AAEM] urges all patients to follow a NON-GMO diet. 

President Obama PROMISED TO GET GMO’s labeled during his campaign. Nevertheless, there is ZERO labeling for genetically modified organisms (mostly from soy, corn, canola, cottonseed, sugar beets, alfalfa, green yellow squash) …we must demand it from the manufacturers of our favorite foods, or change brands. It costs the manufacturer NOTHING to request this of their suppliers. ALL THEY NEED TO DO IS ASK. ALL WE NEED TO DO IS ASK… See how simple this is going to be??? :))))

Some foods and beverages are quite medicinal. I refer to this category as “Therapeutic Cuisine”. Nevertheless, lack of consumer product knowledge is a constant challenge. That’s why I’ve decided to raise awareness of “Cream-of-the-Crop” CONSCIOUS CUISINETHERAPEUTIC CUISINE & NON-TOXIC PRODUCTS ~ ThisCONSCIOUS CUISINE CAMPAIGN is about KEEPING YOU UPDATED & EDUCATED on NATURAL PRODUCTS ~ 🙂

YES!!! You’ve come to the right place ~ Go at YOUR own pace!

Since graduating from Case Western Reserve University [Cleveland, Ohio] back in 1984, I’ve had a variety of experiences within my field of expertise. I’ve organized seminars for American Heart AssociationMount Sinai Cardiac Rehabilitation and for corporate wellness programming, including Sherwin Williams, PP&G, FIGGIE International and Chevrolet. I’ve conducted workshops for Whole Foods [Beverly Hills, CA]SPECTRUM fitness centers [Canoga Park, CA] and University of California San Diego. I’ve worked with physicians, hospitals, hosted television, radio and have authored a column for a mental health newspaper. I wrote a book a decade ago, currently revising it, in addition to writing two more. I intend to release, METABOLIC MAKEOVER 4th Edition in 2012, and announce my second and third titles at that time.

  • Here’s a small slice of a seminar on unveiling KILLERS IN THE KITCHEN at the University of California San Diego
    FYI: This seminar was 90 minutes… but the person designated to record it only caught 15 minutes!! 
    ~ 🙁

  • Check me out on THE VOICE VISION TV~ with Joe Brown and his wonderful guests from around the world!!!

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