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Dr. Nicholas M. Tancheff

Therapeutic Water Fasting 


A True Visionary and Innovative Thinker, Dr. Nicholas Tancheff, has become the Doctor of the Future in the fields of Therapeutic Water Fasting, Nutrition, and Natural Hygiene. Having supervised hundreds of residential patients over the past 6 years, Dr. Tancheff’s unique clinical experience in the field of therapeutic fasting, and the fasting recovery process has become highly sought by many people seeking genuine restoration of health and well-being. Not only does Dr. Tancheff possess the necessary clinical experience, he has attained unique life experiences living and working in Africa. Having developed a unique property surrounded by lush forest and wildlife in the Tana Delta District of Kenya, he offers a life changing experience for all of his devoted clients to experience this pristine land. To become a part of this life changing experience, please visit our website at Hawaiianfastingretreats.com/Kenyaretreat.html

Dr. Tancheff began the journey towards his inevitable career by recovering his own health through the use of a very diligent raw food diet along with the use of intermittent fasting followed by the support of his mentor, Dr. DJ Scott, he was able to recover his health completely following a properly conducted therapeutic fast under Dr. Scott’s guidance. Having achieved what seemed to be an impossible task, I began the journey towards helping others to achieve the same.

Through Dr. Scott’s tutelage, he offered to mentor me in the know how and practical applications of his highly successful fasting practice. I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with David Wolfe at Nature’s First Law in San Diego, California which allowed me the opportunity to jump start my career in the field of raw food nutrition. Having completed the requirements towards my professional degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic from the Southern California University of Health Sciences, I completed my residency with True North Health Center, which has become the only fasting facility in the world to train physicians in the therapeutic use of fasting.

Against all odds, Dr. Tancheff has successfully supervised fasting patients in Kenya, and Hawaii. Being approached many times throughout the years by his mentor, Dr. DJ Scott, Dr. Tancheff came to agreements with Dr. Scott in August 2011, to carry on Dr. Scott’s successful practice in Strongsville, Ohio.

Dr. Tancheff’s mentor passed away on September 23, 2011, leaving Dr. Tancheff to continue Dr. Scott’s practice and lifelong work. Per Dr. Scott’s requests, we will continue to pursue excellence in the field of therapeutic fasting, giving diligence to the scientific data that has been collected here at Scott’s fasting facility to interpret and publish this data for the the purposes of educating the public regarding the usefulness of fasting as an alternative to medical therapies. For the most current and up to date information regarding Dr. Scott’s Natural Health Institute, please visit our website at www.fastingbydesign.org

In the future, we intend to offer the only doctor training program according to Dr. Scott’s standards, upgrade the Fasting Institute as well as the chiropractic health and wellness center, and to open new facilities in warmer climates

Dr. Tancheff is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic in the states of Hawaii and Ohio and is a member of the International Association of Hygienic Physicians.

Dr. Tancheff is available for speaking engagements on the following topics

-The usefulness for Diagnostic Testing during the fasting process for the purposes of treatment, prevention, and remission of disease.

-The Art of the Fasting Recovery Process and the requirements this entails.

-Health Recovery vs. Health Maintenanc

Dr. Tancheff provides the following services:

-Health Consultations

-Ordering Appropriate Diagnostic Tests

-Chiropractic Care

-Therapeutic Fasting Supervision

-Kenya Safaris (TBA)

Dr. Tancheff can be reached by contacting him directly via email at [email protected] and by phone at 808-640-1179

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