The Dina Vitantonio Show, All Things Energy, is a wellness and “personal energy-focused” talk show

The Dina Vitantonio Show, All Things Energy, is a wellness and “personal energy-focused” talk show. The show airs every Monday night at 6:00pm EST on the Bold Brave TV network and is based on “All Things Energy”. 

This includes everything from holistic health, alternative healing, energy medicine, ancient wisdom to the latest discoveries and innovations in metaphysical science and what Dina calls, Energy Maintenance and Wellness. 

Dina combines her understanding of personal energy with her many years experience and intuitive insights to help bring answers to life’s tough questions through interviewing compelling guests, sharing stories and analysis of the latest finds in the healing arts and esoteric-science.

This one hour show is designed to deliver Truth, ancient wisdom, hidden knowledge, sacred science and current topics on: energy in the news, consciousness and alternative practices for healing and personal power. The Dina Vitantonio Show strives to bring you material and people that foster personal power, know-how, truth and knowledge to increases vitality, health and overall energy wellness that empower and produce results. 

Join Us every Monday to learn about “All Things Energy”. Dina Vitantonio Bio: Dina Vitantonio is an America media host. 

She is an Energy Therapist specializing in the dynamics of personal energy and the healing arts. She is an Intuitive based Energy Coach, Spiritual Guide and published Author. She was the founder of The Conscious Cafe, based in New York City, an interactive Spiritual gathering focusing on topics that promote individual and collective Healing and Consciousness. 

The program premiered in 2015 and grew immediate attention, attracting a wide audience of holistic practitioners, healing arts specialists, self-help authors, teachers, spiritual-enthusiasts and truth-seekers. Dina was inspired four year prior to bring like-minded people together to share and discuss a variety of topics on harnessing our personal talents and power for healing and the collective growth. Dina also sat on the board of the United States Federation of Certified Psychic, 

Mediums and Healers for many years and still consults with the group from time to time. Most known for her two specialized modalities: Energy Mapping and Intuitive Energy Coaching. Energy Mapping helps identify blocks in the body along with potential root causes. Intuitive Energy Coaching uses intuition directed guidance, spiritual laws along with the principles of Energy to bring about balance and harmony to a person’s mind, body and spirit. Even as a young girl, 

Dina has always had an awareness of a higher divinity. This higher guidance was an inspiration for her career in the metaphysical healing arts. Today, Dina continues studying and learning in order to educate her clients and audiences on good energy practices emphasizing the importance of vibrations in overall health. 

Dina has been described as a thought leader and advocate for teaching people how to harness their personal power and build personal magnetism to live, thrive and create the world they want. While writing her first book in 2016 titled “Understanding Energy”, 

Dina recognized that the majority of people lack a basic understanding and essential awareness of Energy, including energy-maintenance and vibrational-hygiene, both affecting health. Over time when our Energy is out of balance or left unchecked, it chips away at our mindset, lifestyle and productivity filtering down to the cellular level. Tune in to Dina and her guests on Bold Brave TV network every Monday Night at 6:00pm EST. 

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