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Harry “Butch” Reynolds (Akron, Ohio) began as a 48.1 single-lapper in high school. In 1987, he exploded to global prominence when he stunned the world with a low-altitude world record of 44.10 in the 400m at the Jesse Owens Classic. Later that year, he confirmed his dominance in the event by winning the NCAA title in Baton Rouge and bringing home the title for Ohio State with a clocking of 44.12.

Reynolds made his biggest mark in 1988 in Zurich where he ran 43.29, shattering the 43.86 world record previously set by Hall of Famer Lee Evans during the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City. In addition to fast times, Reynolds owns an impressive array of championship medals, including the 1993 World Indoor title; 1988 Olympic 400m silver and 4x400m gold; three World Outdoor 4x400m gold medals (1987, ‘93, ‘95); two World Outdoor 400m silvers (‘93, ‘95) and the 1987 World Outdoor 400m bronze medal. In 1995.   

Founded Care For Kids Foundation (BRCFK) for youth in his community. Served as assistant track coach at Ohio Dominican University.


Butch Reynolds, Olympic Gold Medalist and “World’s Fastest Man”, teaches the importance of a healthy mind, body and spirit. Physical and mental balance enables proper form and technique that will inspire speed. The Gold Medal Mindset keeps cognizant the key aspects of life, such as family, work, etc. while also distinguishing them as separate roles. Keeping values and beliefs at the center proves to be exceptionally important and lends strength to life’s daily challenges.

GOLD Medal Mind

Learning how to create the mindset to develop the best YOU.

Speed Training

Learn the intricate science of running, movement, and increasing your speed

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