Sarasota Contemporary Dance is exhibiting at the 16th International Natural Health and Foods Expo,

Sarasota Contemporary Dance (SCD) is a dance company that brings cutting-edge dance performance, education and innovative collaboration of the highest caliber to Sarasota. 

SCD is exhibiting at the 16th International Natural Health and Foods Expo, Sept. 23rd 10-8pm. And Sept 24th 10-7pm, Sarasota Municipal Auditorium.


Invest in your health “naturally” with speakers and exhibitors covering plant based life,  recovering from injuries and inflammatory issues,  how a portable sauna mimics sunlight energy and assist in healing, free samples from Vitamin Shoppe, fitness training tips, plus author Sylvie Beljanski and her book Winning the War on Cancer based on her father’s work Dr Beljanski who studied natural solutions for cancer. for updates.

Now in its 18th season, SCD shares its home studio with the community through a multitude of offerings year-round, including 16+ ongoing movement classes of varying styles and levels, three pre-professional summer dance intensives, winter/spring workshops and is the home to Sarasota Contemporary Dance Ensemble (SCDE), a training company for aspiring dancers.


SCD provides "Dance for Joy” a community class that invites movers of all ages and experiences to warm the body up from the inside out accompanied by live drumming. Dance for Joy is done Seated in a circle with the lead instructor center. Transitioning into standing for balance and stability work as well as choreography that can be modified to stay seated.

Through guided movement exercises, creative play, and exploring the relationship of rhythm and movement, this class activates your inner joy and builds community. This class structure is similar to what Sarasota Contemporary Dance offers at Parkinson Place for All Movement Disorders and Assisted Living Facilities in our area.

SCDs 2023-2024 season will showcase 4 Main Stage performances, 15+ In-Studio showings, where varying artists present a work-in-progress or a finished work that culminates in a live audience and Q&A, with the featured artists. Photographer Sorcha Augustine! To inquire about classes and performances

Contact SCD! Email: [email protected]  Call: (941)-260-8485

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