is the go-to online dating site to meet an eco-conscious, quality partner is the go-to online dating site to meet an eco-conscious, quality partner. With over 30 years’ experience and thousands of success stories, we continue to provide a fabulous platform with detailed profiles where members learn a great deal of info about interests, beliefs and passions before even meeting. This makes dating more efficient, and more successful. When there is a great deal in common, and some attraction on both sides, the odds increase dramatically. 

Compare this to only seeing a few photos and maybe a brief bio..

Green Singles offers unique essay questions which usually turn into a bit of a great soul-searching exercise, thus, helping members get clarity about the type of person they would like to meet. 

Members can even create their own essay questions, something no other dating site or app offers. Our Match Questions are multiple-choice, and dive deep into several topics including dating, spiritual path, eco-consciousness, ethics, sexuality, diet & exercise and “just for fun”. 

Members answer first for themselves, then mark the answers that are okay for a potential partner to select, and our algorithm does the rest. 

Members appreciate the Match Questions, as it takes some time up-front to answer them, but ultimately saves time by narrowing down the field.

We are so grateful for the thousands of success stories that have been created through Green Singles! Hands down, this has always been the most fulfilling part of the business. 

Our goals for the future are continued high security and member privacy, to attract even more genuine, real members ready for a conscious, loving, empowering relationship, and to always foster more and more success stories!


Cool, Green Wishes,
Jill Crosby
Green Singles Owner/CEO

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