The Key to Discovering Purpose by Energy Therapist Dina Vitantonio

The Key to Discovering Purpose
by Energy Therapist Dina Vitantonio

Through my years as an Energy Therapist, the most popular question I’ve been asked is “how do I find my purpose?”. It’s a question that takes one years to discover, lifetimes for others, and for some never at all. However, I have found those who’ve uncovered and live their purpose seem to demonstrate a deep connection within themselves.

These individuals appear to have a calmness, an understanding of who they are, a universal relativeness. Some have reported their purpose came about as a series of synchronistic events. Others share a feeling of being in union with something greater, as if a higher realm is guiding their life, organically unfolding toward a specific direction.

During one of my sessions with a long time client, we began talking about some of the struggles she experienced around not feeling fulfilled. She was equating her recent challenges with a lack of purpose. When I asked what made her associate the two, she expressed “my biggest worry is being insignificant…”

I was surprised to hear her utter these words, as she was successful in her career and enjoyed it. Following our call, I spent days reflecting on what it was about “purpose” that made my client and many others strive or stress to achieve this thing we place so much value on.

Was there a simple formula to locate our purpose and was it less complicated than we thought? Has our society placed too much emphasis on this “treasure” that we overlook some basic understanding in recognizing it? We hear life coaches, advisors and motivational speakers telling us the necessity of finding our purpose. So, what’s the big fuss?

According to Anthony L. Burrow, Human Development specialist, a sense of purpose is integral to the human experience… “Purpose is a forward-looking directionality, an intention to do something in the world… It’s different than a goal, which can be accomplished.”

Experience shows, when we complete a task we feel happy and fulfilled, often temporarily, as it’s transactional. In contrast when we are purpose-driven, we are consistently more confident, have meaning and our focus shifts outside of us to include others.

One morning while meditating, I was reminded of my client’s concern, “insignificance”. So, I decided to look up the word’s meaning. According to Webster’s and Columbia dictionaries, Significance is… having meaning, influence, importance and a noticeable effect; a measurement.

Based on this, significance is directly linked to how a person views our idea, action or mission. In much of the same way, my client’s struggle was not really about her need to achieve; instead, it was a deep human desire, we all share, to connect with one another and make a difference in their lives. Similarly, Purpose is not about individual achievements recognized as significant but rather a ripple affect.

How many times have you done a deed for someone from the kindest of your heart, without motive. How often does that generosity get multiplied through you and every other person you reach or serve that day. Finding our purpose is like this. As humans our need to interact and share as part of our primordial make up: to give, receive and feel love.

In recent years, as a society, we have become more isolated than ever before. Naturally, isolation or loneliness, can void us of feeling purposeful. To combat this, the key is creating healthy impressions though actions based on self-less service and human connectivity.

The Key to Discovering Purpose
For instance, if you naturally enjoy writing, then start putting pen to paper and sharing your words. Those who resonate with your message will be called to read more. People who are great communicators need to speak to everyone who’ll listen. 

Those who feel your sincerity will be drawn to hear your wisdom. Actions such as these send an S.O.S. to the Universe signaling a desire, conscious or unconscious, to fill a greater Universal need. And before you know it, the spark of a purpose is ignited, reverberating outwardly for others to enjoy. This is the true role of purpose— a gift that keeps on giving. ###

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