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  • Quarantine Blues What should we do to rebalance our microbiome - fix our guts.
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Quarantine Blues What should we do to rebalance our microbiome - fix our guts.

Quarantine Blues
Has the quarantine caused you to gain weight, made you feel anxious or uneasy, changed your ability to sleep? 

Most of the weight gain, anxiety and insomnia is secondary to a shift in the microbiome in your gut from eating unhealthy foods and/or stress which shifts the microbiota by killing off the good bacteria allowing open apartment for the bad ones to grow. No to mention the massive amounts of cleansers we are all using to protect ourselves from COVID. 

What should we do to rebalance our microbiome - fix our guts. 
1.Eat fibrous foods with prebiotic qualities like blueberries, oatmeal, add bran or psyllium to shakes or on salads.

2.Cut out refined carbs: bread, pasta, crackers, cookies, sugary drinks. These only feed the fire and support the bad bacteria. Cause inflammation. 

3.Doing 1. And 2. Will shift your metabolism and your body will let go of excess calories and weight. 

4.It will also turn off signals going to your brain from bad bacteria making you crave the sugary, fatty foods that pathogens love. 

5.The inflammation from imbalanced guts promote obesity.

6.Healthier food choices will eliminate cravings by shifting your microbiome back to healthy. 

7.When your beneficial bacteria are back in charge it changes the game completely. 

8.Altho carb and fat free food are most important with meditation and exercise. Supplements can help: Ashwaganda for calming, a good probiotics and prebiotic. Berberine discourages growth of bad bacteria. Glutamine helps soothe the gut lining and heal the intestinal mucosa. Anti yeast agents. 

Gayle Madeleine Randall, MD
Physician, Medical Professor, Cross-cultural Healing, Functional Medicine, Scientist, Administrator, Writer/Producer/Television Personality

Dr. Randall’s Formal Resume
Dr. Randall’s Divine Medicine Journey


  • Graduated University of Nebraska Medical School
  • UCLA Hospitals and clinics – Residency & Gastroenterology fellowship
  • Board Certified Internist, Board Certified Gastroenterologist
  • Board Certified American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine


  • UCLA – Associate Professor of Medicine – one of our nation’s first physicians to introduce and teach Complimentary & Alternative Medicine to medical students.

    • Director of the Medical Procedures Unit – West Angeles Veterans Administration hospital.
    • Integrative and Holistic Co-director – Malibu Health and Rehabilitation Center
    • Director of Integrative Health – Miraval Life in Balance; Miraval is a top ten destination spa in Tucson, Arizona
      Voted number 1 spa in the world by Conde Naste. (Oprah’s favorite!)
    • Executive Director of Guest Services – Rancho La Puerta Healing Spa, Tecate, Mexico
    • Head of Medical Services – Passages Alcohol and Addiction Rehabilitation Center, Malibu, California 2006-2012
    • Co-Director – Golden Branch Wellness Center, Woodland Hills, California
    • Director, Randall Wellness Center, Woodland Hills, California

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