ST-8 Oxygen Detoxification System By ELF Labs Technology

ST-8 Oxygen Detoxification System

By ELF Labs Technology

The issue of lymphatic flow has been studied for many years with in-depth clinical research resulting in very efficient manual methods for restoring the lymph system. Using manual lymph drainage techniques in conjunction with ST-8 non-invasive technology can help affect a swift, safe and natural method of eliminating excess lymphatic fluid. The ST-8 assists the body to achieve a free-flow of proteins within the lymph system and to release bonded protein blockages in the areas of connective tissue.

The ST8 uses extremely low current and negatively charged light photons to provide compatible frequencies to blocked areas resulting in cells correcting their out-of-balance condition and disassociating themselves from the binding agents responsible for swelling and blockage. Rapid movement of waste material within the cell can then occur, greatly increasing the delivery of waste material to the organs responsible for body waste disposal. The efficiency of hands-on therapy is increased as free-flow of proteins speeds the healing process. As waste material is now more effectively moving within the body, day to day factors like eating habits, body structure, nutrition, medication and mental health can be addressed to provide a successful formula for restoring and then maintaining health.

Common conditions that may receive relief from the use of lymph massage and the ST8 are: pain, especially as it involves soft tissue, sciatica, breast conditions, fibrocystic disease, PMS, intestinal syndromes, diabetes, arthritis, swelling, chronic edema, bursitis and other conditions involving inflammation, bruising, pre-surgery preparation and post-surgical recovery.

The Benefits

As we surround ourselves with toxic elements in our air, food, and water, proteins clump together and bond electrically with water; thus our lymphatic system becomes unbalanced and overburdened. This results in pain and inflammation that contribute to various chronic degenerative diseases.

As an adjunct method for promoting and maintaining wellness, the ST-8 assists in restoring the cells’ natural energy level, creating healthy cell-to-cell communication to move clumped cells that otherwise burden the lymphatic system and contribute to various chronic issues. The ST-8:

  • Uses specific frequencies known to influence the energetic pattern of virus, fungus, and bacteria are to inhibit their development in cells that are stagnant.
  • Helps with the removal from the interstitial space of unnatural additives in our food, including steroids that mimic hormones and attach to proteins.
  • Aids in proper lymphatic drainage — rapid movement of waste material within the cells can occur, which greatly increases the delivery of waste material to the organs responsible for body waste disposal.
  • Helps bring stagnant lymph pathways to life, building an immunological barrier to disease.
  • Uses SpectraSweep™ technology, complementing the electromagnetic field to bring the body into a tranquil state, which can be felt even during the first use.
  • Introduces super-saturated oxygen into tissues and organs, enabling remarkable healing potential.

Lymphatic detoxification enhances the body’s healing process by re-establishing lymphatic circulation throughout the body. The ST-8 with ELF Labs Technology assists the lymphatic system in functioning properly, creating a less toxic milieu and helping to resolve many issues associated with the lack of long-term health and beauty.

How the ST-8 Works

The ST-8 is an innovative breakthrough developed by ELF Labs Technology. In addition to two specially developed ST-8 heads, the ST-8 also uses two LBG heads in which radio frequency signals excite a proprietary blend of noble gases to generate a photon. Then, in both the LBG and special ST-8 heads, ELF Labs Technology generates a scalar moment. The ST-8 has the capability to transform pure oxygen into energetic super-saturated oxygen. The fusion of coupled photons and scalar energy deliver energy and energetic super-saturated oxygen into the body’s cells, allowing for maximum penetration of tissues and organs.

With this technology, the super-saturated oxygen is delivered at an energetic level into the field, matching the body impedance for maximum utilization by tissues and organs. Thus, an atmosphere for wellness is created.

Within the body’s energy, the following occurs: a vortex spin (created within each head of the ST-8 bulb) exposes the energetic packet, structurally re-stabilizing damaging free radicals to their original, normal functioning state. The signature pattern of the super-saturated oxygen produces highly reactive energy, which interacts with the body’s energy omnidirectionally to restore the body to a state of wellness.

The latest innovation, SpectraSweep™ mode, creates a harmonic sweep of frequencies capable of quickly opening communication within cells in the human body. The released energy targets cells’ electrical potential for balancing, helping to restore the natural polarity of the body’s electromagnetic signature.

Who Should Use the ST-8?

While everyone can benefit from using the ST-8, the unit is most valuable for those seeking relief from issues associated with a weak lymphatic system: swelling, inflammation, edema, and pain. The following are ideal for incorporating the ST-8 within the scope or area of interest.

Practitioners: Medical Doctors, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeons, Dental Surgeons, Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine, Doctors of Orthopedics, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Veterinarians, Physical Therapists, Sports Trainers, Colon Hydrotherapists, and Massage Therapists are among the practitioners who use the ST-8 as an adjunct modality with patients.

Spa Facilities: Designed for those who are interested in lymphatic cleansing and restorative health and wellness. Sessions using the ST-8 offers add-on treatments for spas.

Sports Teams: Developed for those who put themselves under severe physical and mental stress. With the ST-8, sports teams at the university, professional, and Olympic levels acquire an additional asset in keeping players healthy and on the field.

Home Users: Available for those who seek additional relief between visits to a practitioner in the comfort of their home. Beyond sessions from practitioners or other facilities, the ST-8 is available for frequent users and chronic sufferers.

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