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Going to Extremes By Pat Williams, Sr. VP Orlando Magic

Pat-Williams-3x5-ColorGoing to Extremes
By Pat Williams, viagra sale Sr. VP Orlando Magic

Call me an extreme dreamer.

I believe in dreaming big dreams and doing everything on an extreme scale. I could never be a chef, because I couldn’t stick to the recipe. I’d figure if a pinch of salt improves the soup, imagine what a cup of salt would do!

Everything I do, I do to extremes. I’m proud to be an extreme dreamer. The world has been transformed and revolutionized, again and again, by people who dreamed extreme dreams—then assembled dynamic teams to turn those dreams into reality. Dream-builders are team-builders. Extreme dreams really do depend on teams.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, I was general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers. A big part of my job was to help recruit a great coaching staff and great players to the team. The Sixers team I helped assemble in 1983 swept the Los Angeles Lakers in the finals, winning the NBA Championship.

I moved to Orlando in 1986 to help launch the Orlando Magic. Once again, I was in the dream-building and team-building business. Soon after we got our NBA expansion team up and running, we got a terrific break. As you may know, the NBA lottery is conducted by whirling Ping-Pong balls in a lottery machine. In back-to-back lotteries (1992 and 1993) those Ping-Pong balls bounced our way, allowing us to acquire two young star players—Shaquille O’Neal and Penny Hardaway.

Suddenly, our little franchise in Orlando was the most up-and-coming young team in sports. We got to the NBA Finals in 1995 and reached the Eastern Conference Finals in 1996. Over my NBA career, twenty-three of my teams have made the NBA Playoffs and five have gone to the NBA Finals.

Once you put teamwork into practice, your dreams will begin transforming into reality. Whether you’re building a professional sports team, launching a magazine, starting a software company or growing a nonprofit organization, your dream needs a team. That dream team will challenge and inspire you in a profound and life-changing way.

Encourage everyone in your organization, your office, and your family to dream extreme dreams, then put together teams to make those dreams come true. Let’s go to extremes . . . !

Pat Williams is co-founder and senior vice president of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. An author of over 100 books, he is an extremely popular corporate speaker. Connect with Pat via his website at www.PatWilliams.com on Facebook at PatWilliams.OrlandoMagic or via twitter @OrlandoMagicPat.

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Wearing Special Glasses Promotes Melatonin Flow for Great Sleep

Wearing Special Glasses Promotes Melatonin Flow for Great Sleep

Most people don’t realize exposing the eyes to ordinary light in the hours before bedtime prevents the body from making melatonin the sleep hormone. In 2001 it was discovered there are special sensors in the eye that don’t affect vision but do control the internal clock and melatonin. They respond most strongly to blue light. Lightbulbs that don’t make blue light and eyeglasses that block it were developed at John Carroll University in 2005 and are available at www.lowbluelights.com.

Putting on the glasses a few hours before bedtime allows melatonin to
start flowing so there is plenty by bedtime. This makes it easy to
fall asleep and sleep more deeply. Glasses are sold with a money back
guarantee. If they don’t help you sleep better we will refund your
money.  We have sold thousands of glasses and only a tiny fraction
find they so not help them sleep better.

If people are kept in darkness, site melatonin can flow for an average of
11.5 hours. Most Americans are in darkness for only 7 or 8 hours a
night.  Melatonin flow is limited by the exposure to ordinary light.
Blind women (continuous darkness) have only about half the incidence
of breast cancer as women with normal vision. Women in countries
without electricity have only about one fifth the rate of breast

Prostate cancer is also greatly reduced in primitive
societies. Maximizing melatonin also reduces the risk of metabolic
syndrome and diabetes.  It makes good sense to maximize melatonin
through the use of lightbulbs that don’t make blue light  or by
wearing glasses that block blue light. Filters for TV and computer
screens are also available along with filters for iPad screens and for
smart phones.

Dr. Hansler is a physicist. He spent 42 years at GE Lighting
developing brighter and better light bulbs only to discover after
retiring  and moving to John Carroll University that light bulbs are
making people sick. He and Dr. Edward Carome and Vilnis Kubulins
developed products that allow people to avoid blue light.

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