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Be Inspired at Kona Hawaii Guest and Healing Center

Kona Hawaii Guest House and Healing Center Has Special Offer

Be inspired, and joyful with kindness. A place that supports growth and healing. Hawaii is calling you to live. What better place than Kona Hawaii than on the sunny side of the volcano island of Hawaii. Expensive view and a simple Hawaiian home that comes together with songs from the Hawaiian birds. With low powered binoculars you can see what people are eating on the beach, on their boats, and the dolphins swimming.

Our Hot Pool, large family room or workshop space room and great location support workshops, family reunions, and destressing therapeutic massage.

The large family room is 40 by 40 or larger and has had seral family reunions and many workshops held there to the delight of the participants. The large family room has 3 double beds and a king, which can be adjusted for a better fit for each group. The pool has hosted several water massage workshops and pool temp can be adjusted. The best thing about the pool area is that it is a great place to destress and let go of stress during a therapeutic massage.

There is more than therapeutic massage we have somatic work, counseling, and tarot reading. Each of these practices can be tailored to what best fits each person. With somatic work or shamanistic work you can explore deep under lying parts of yourself and let out a sigh of relieve and figure out how get where you want to be or let go of life long changes. While the counseling or coaching can help you gather the tools, and practice the way to get what you want or where you want. Tarot can be helpful to look at your situation and put it into context so you will be better able to go from there. The happiest guests get the package of 4 or 8 hours each to use during their stay. The sessions early on can really help you arrive and make your stay appear to be 2x the benefit or relief. My past guests have told me to make sure I share that. It’s good to just relax and destress. Hawaii has so many wonders.

Hawaii has such a richness of rare experiences. The star gazing, waterfalls, beaches, lava tubes, water canals, remote hiking trails and beaches, great farmers markets and healing festivals. It is a little known secret that many famous musician live and share their music here when they are not touring the world. The biggest thing is the Hawaiian practices, healing tradition, and the diversity of life.

There are over 200 varieties of banana here, 89 varieties of avocado, 90 percent of the wild life is only in Hawaii and many varieties of hula, healing traditions and practioners here. Coming here you can try so many fruits (ice cream and apple banana, strawberry papaya) foods, and healing styles (Lomi Lomi and herbs). Hawaii is truly amazing. The philosophy of the Hawaii healing culture is so rich. Take Malama the Aina for example.

Malama is to take care of. Aina is the sacred. So let’s look at them together. To take care of the sacred. Meaning to nurture and grow the sacred. Just to be present with that is such a powerful healing statement. The main reason of the healing practices here is create a space for the support and fulfillment of each person. To Malama their Aina.

Why Malama the Aina

To see people have lifetime experience. Wow, amazing, a smile that shines like the sun. There is a passion or aliveness that unfolds in the richness of truly experiencing Hawaii. The Real HAWAII. The hidden core of rich Hawaiian festivals, hidden beaches, hikes, local food places , real Hawaiian style food places, Kava, the star gazing, local plants and fruit, healing arts help destressing while  letting go of long standing physical issues and Hawaiian cuisine of course.

I wanted to make a place for teacher to teach workshops and be sponsored and supported in that process (no cost for a room and free workshop space/ CEUs – no brainer right) Just want to see the good work out there and the good people bringing it supported in that

To help families get together from around the country (16 beds) would like to see families come together for a lower cost and a more comfortable setting

To help support the self-discovery process, the befriending of self, and setting the inner child/ slave/ prisoner free. This in turn opens one’s life to a whole new level. Coaching, psychotherapy, somatic work and really prepare and work threw long standing stuckness.

OMG there are 100s of goats out in the back amazing.

Why John does the healing work

I used to not value it as it was natural for me, it was something that just helped, but then I had a number people crash into my car and I got a firsthand lesson on suffering. Years in pain, like a lot of people I just suffered and did not get any help. Then one day I just could not take it anymore, well it was past that time, I just gave in, I just wanted to get better.

Drugs or cutting was not for me, while prayer, blessing, and trying to find a practioner like myself could help me. It was the 16th bodyworker that I found Al Pierson and I showed him what I was up to and he was able to help me move on. Now Al is a teaching classes and doing even more amazing work. As I committed to the work of healing, I began to realize the major importance to keeping the structural healing work alive, and continuing on with somatic work and acupuncture which both go after the root causes from different angles.

Who gets this work?

Coaching, play therapy, psychotherapy, facilitation, somatic work

Kids, life adventurers, parents, couples, families, companies,  and at risk folks- people dying, in divorce, caregivers, medical practioners and people that live in cites or have stressful jobs or depressed

Structural therapeutic therapy and Hawaiian Massage

For going after people that suffer or removing setbacks of past injuries and improving performance

People that have had car accidents, falling injuries, past injuries, people in pain or who cannot walk or use their hands, us Olympic team, Canadian Olympic team, iron men, full contact fighters, football players, gymnasts, and dancers

Special offers

1 free day at our place

When you like our Facebook page- which has low cost flights, Hawaii inside


Teach a workshop with us and we will sponsor 1 free room and the workshop space


Get one room free for your family reunion

John Betlach MA LMT #7144
Kona Hawaii Guest House & Micro Spa
Proud supporter of local artists , farmers , Dolphin, theaters, events, chefs, and social good organizations
We are Green Stewards

Every day is a Good Day,


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Find Yourself and a Job in 30 Days

St. Petersburg College Course Selection

Find Yourself and a Job in 30 Days


The workshop materials evolved from: The Job Book: Find Yourself and a Job in 30 Days and will be broken down into 10 parts, one for each of chapter.  Dr. Gerald Regni, DMD, a holistic dentist practicing in Philadelphia, PA was inspired to write the book after hearing from patient after patient that their children and associates were out of work or couldn’t find a job.

He felt responsible for doing something about it and along with his long time friend and associate Diane Phillips, who herself has authored many books, created a practical career owners manual for the modern job seeker. The book takes the reader through every step needed to determine one’s own unique strengths, attributes and natural approach to life, to the point of being skilled at artfully finding and applying for an optimum lifetime career that fits and that one will keep growing in.

The reader/attendee will discover that career options are abundant, not scarce, which will benefit self-esteem and a feeling of confidence to attract a career that excites and inspires throughout life. The reader is led to the best mentors, social media, career finders, effective resumes etc. for a satisfying career result. This book/course is a personal career owner’s manual, matching the reader and his lifelong career for individuals, career and guidance counselors, educators, universities, colleges and life coaches. It is the only book/course that is an exciting ride to personal discovery toward ideal career achievement. By the end of this career finding adventure, you will appreciate the discovery that your skills are welcomed by an abundance of job choices.

What You Will Learn With This Book (and course)

◉ Learn to find meaningful jobs that fit and how best to get there

◉ Change your opinion from “Jobs are Scarce” to “Jobs are Abundant”

◉ Discover that your skills are welcomed by an abundance of job choices

The book/course is currently available in kindle and print versions on Amazon.com and workshops can be scheduled at a venue of your choosing. For more information or to book a workshop email: [email protected]

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Otto Orf’s Soccer and Life’s Journey

Otto Orf-My Soccer Journey and Life Lessons

53 Years old, former 21 year soccer professional.
17 years with Cleveland Crunch/Force. 3 Championships, 3 All-star selections.
7 years with US Mens National Futsal Team, 1996 CONCACAF Championship and FIFA World Cup, 2003 Gold Cup Champion.

Screenshot 2016-03-29 16.39.33 - Copy.png

My journey in soccer began as unexpectedly as anyone could imagine. Having grown up in Buffalo, NY I played hockey goalkeeper growing up in addition to pitching on a little league baseball team. My dream however was to be a football quarterback. In the fall of my freshman year I showed up at the football tryouts, made the third string freshman team and never saw action, not even one play! Needless to say next year I was going to try something different. So I showed up the first day of my sophomore year at the soccer field. Never having played soccer, I stayed quiet when the coach asked, ” Who wants to play forward?”. A bunch of players walked his direction. Next he said, “Who wants to play defender?”. Another bunch of players gathered together. Next he asked, “Who plays halfback?”, I didn’t even know what that meant as a bunch of players gathered in this last group. The best part about that day was that I was the only person left standing and there was one position that had not been filled. “Do you want to play goalie?” he asked. This was the beginning of my soccer career.

I fell in love with the position and received the Most Improved Player award two years in row. My coach joked at our junior year team banquet, “Can you imagine how bad he was when he started?”. My senior year I was awarded the MVP of the team.
I went to the University of Buffalo for engineering and played baseball there too. I walked on to the soccer team and ended up playing for 2 years. In the summer of my junior year I rode my bicycle to a tryout for the local pro team the Buffalo Storm. I was not in top form but ran the 5+ miles with the team. As they all left in their cars the coach kept me and ran me through some goalkeeper drills. In the last exercise I ran to touch the ball, back-pedalled as he through the ball over my head and I dove to tip the ball over the bar. As I reached down to touch the third ball my legs completely cramped up, the coach came and in his broken English asked, “Did you made the run with the team? “Yes”, I answered. He looked over at my bicycle leaning against the tree and began laughing. He then placed my bike in the trunk of his car and drive me back to my dormitory. The next day I signed my first professional contract.
Not many people ever hear about how I got my start in soccer but I believe it was the strong work ethic my father instilled in me from the time I was young that allowed me to make it right from the start. I played the outdoor game all over the US and Canada and then the indoor game all across the country as well. I was a back-up and honed my skills at training every day until I was afforded the opportunity to start a game.
I was fortunate to play for a very long time indoor, outdoor and even futsal for our national team. I have helped my teams win 4 indoor, 2 outdoor championships, a CONCACAF title and an appearance at a FIFA Futsal World Cup.
If there are any lessons to be learned from my experience they are to play because you love to, compete with all of your being and never give up. I believe that for most of my career I was able to continue getting better and I continued to learn. This is something I emphasize to the players I coach all of the time. It is too easy to think you are good enough and become complacent. This is the curse of the very good player and it is what the very best players avoid.
Soccer has given me more than I could have ever imagined. I have coached and mentored tens of thousands of young athletes, many who have reached the college, professional and even national team ranks.
With the support of our soccer community, family and friends I have started the HandsOnSports Foundation which brings shoes, balls, equipment and facilities to underprivileged youth in NE Ohio and over 12 countries abroad.

I am so very thankful for the cultural exposure soccer has afforded me, getting to meet and interact with teammates and opponents from every corner of the planet, , every language, every color and every religion. I have made NE Ohio my home for the past 27 years, I met my wife Marty here and together we have our beautiful daughter Olivia.
As my playing days are most certainly over the game rolls on and my interests have moved almost exclusively to futsal. My hopes now are to help more young players achieve their goals and to reach heights as high or higher than I was able to. And maybe, if fortune has it, I’ll be a part of returning pro indoor soccer to Northeast Ohio in the form of professional futsal someday soon!
With a long, successful career in the past, Orf looks to futsal for the future of soccer in NE Ohio.


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Going to Extremes By Pat Williams, Sr. VP Orlando Magic

Pat-Williams-3x5-ColorGoing to Extremes
By Pat Williams, viagra sale Sr. VP Orlando Magic

Call me an extreme dreamer.

I believe in dreaming big dreams and doing everything on an extreme scale. I could never be a chef, because I couldn’t stick to the recipe. I’d figure if a pinch of salt improves the soup, imagine what a cup of salt would do!

Everything I do, I do to extremes. I’m proud to be an extreme dreamer. The world has been transformed and revolutionized, again and again, by people who dreamed extreme dreams—then assembled dynamic teams to turn those dreams into reality. Dream-builders are team-builders. Extreme dreams really do depend on teams.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, I was general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers. A big part of my job was to help recruit a great coaching staff and great players to the team. The Sixers team I helped assemble in 1983 swept the Los Angeles Lakers in the finals, winning the NBA Championship.

I moved to Orlando in 1986 to help launch the Orlando Magic. Once again, I was in the dream-building and team-building business. Soon after we got our NBA expansion team up and running, we got a terrific break. As you may know, the NBA lottery is conducted by whirling Ping-Pong balls in a lottery machine. In back-to-back lotteries (1992 and 1993) those Ping-Pong balls bounced our way, allowing us to acquire two young star players—Shaquille O’Neal and Penny Hardaway.

Suddenly, our little franchise in Orlando was the most up-and-coming young team in sports. We got to the NBA Finals in 1995 and reached the Eastern Conference Finals in 1996. Over my NBA career, twenty-three of my teams have made the NBA Playoffs and five have gone to the NBA Finals.

Once you put teamwork into practice, your dreams will begin transforming into reality. Whether you’re building a professional sports team, launching a magazine, starting a software company or growing a nonprofit organization, your dream needs a team. That dream team will challenge and inspire you in a profound and life-changing way.

Encourage everyone in your organization, your office, and your family to dream extreme dreams, then put together teams to make those dreams come true. Let’s go to extremes . . . !

Pat Williams is co-founder and senior vice president of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. An author of over 100 books, he is an extremely popular corporate speaker. Connect with Pat via his website at www.PatWilliams.com on Facebook at PatWilliams.OrlandoMagic or via twitter @OrlandoMagicPat.

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START ACTIVE/STAY ACTIVE The Culture of the Young Athlete The Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus Ohio

Arnold@Cheerleading -01START ACTIVE/STAY ACTIVE The Culture of the Young Athlete The Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus Ohio attracts more competitors than the Summer and Winter Olympic games combined. With over 60 sports represented and spanning four days, click athletes of all ages, cialis sale both amateur and professional from all over the world, unhealthy gather at this event to share in the spirit of health, fitness, competition, and a culture of positivity. Athletes at the Arnold Sports Festival exhibit a remarkable level of competitive maturity and dedication, and while these are not surprising qualities to find in adult competitors, they are a truly astounding to see in young people. The young athletes of the Arnold Sports Festival are a notable group of motivated and focused individuals. As technology advances, statistics reveal that the current youth culture is more centered around visual entertainment and computer games than ever before. What sets young Arnold Sports Festival athletes apart from their peers? What drives them to achieve and keep achieving, to keep reaching for the next level? What inspires a young person to train while so many of their peers sit idle in front of a screen? The answer is the adults who surround them; their parents, their coaches, their teachers, and their mentors. These adults use sports to consciously create a positive culture; one that emphasizes hard work, dedication, and the satisfaction that comes from giving one’s all.

arnold Butch Reynolds -02Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist Butch Reynolds, who was in town for the Arnold Sports Festival weekend, is a firm believer in what he calls The Gold Medal Mentality. He emphasizes not only giving your best effort every day, but also giving back what you have already received by inspiring others to succeed. He works with disadvantaged youth in Dubai and other areas in the Middle East where an active lifestyle and healthy diet simply are not emphasized, and as a result, type II diabetes is prevalent even in children. He has worked diligently over the past 15 years to bring his Gold Medal Mentality of fitness and personal achievement to young people both in America and abroad. He says, “My blessings won’t come from being the fastest man in the world. My blessings are going to come from what I do with my success from that point forward. My goal is to change as many lives as I can, and it all starts by being heard. These kids start listening because of the way I look, and the goals that I have achieved, but they keep listening because they begin to understand that what I’m teaching them is helping them to change their own circumstances for the better.”

Jim Lorimer -01Jim Lorimer, Co-Founder and CEO of the Arnold Sports Festival, has been a driving force from the very beginning. He has worked to expand the “Arnold”, as it is known, from the traditional body building competitions of the former Arnold Classic into an event of record-breaking proportions that takes up the entire Columbus Convention Center and surrounding hotels, even spreading out to the Ohio State Fairgrounds to accommodate the ever increasing number of young competitors. His insight on how these young athletes rise to compete at an Arnold Sports Festival level is shared by many; “I think it’s the parents who make the difference for these children. At the Arnold Sports Festival, kids learn the basic lesson of sports-‘You get back what you put in.’ This is true not only in sports, but in life.”

Clint R?ichards -02Clint Richards, long-time MC for the Arnold Sports Festival, agrees. “When it comes to these children, it truly is the concept of ‘it takes a village.’ It’s a mindset. We as adults must ask ourselves, ‘What can we do to improve the quality of life for this child?’ Everything that a child needs in order to learn how society works, sports provides them with a vehicle by which they can do just that. ‘Here are the rules. You must play by the rules, and if you don’t play by the rules, you don’t get to play.’ And in society, if you don’t play by the rules, and you get caught, there are definite consequences. So sports establishes these parameters in terms of ‘life beyond.’ As a parent, I’m very clear in the fact that my only job is to make sure my kids are ready to be good adults.” The question of “What makes a young person into an Arnold Sports Festival athlete?” seems to have a unanimous answers; influence, exposure, opportunity, and mentorship. The success of these kids is greatly based upon the presence of dedicated adults who offer their unfailing support and encouragement, and create continuous opportunities for learning and growth.

Denise Masino -01Denise Masino, from Musclepinups.com and The Real Adventures of Misfit, understands what it means to overcome challenges and find opportunity. She grew up in inner city Brooklyn. “It was difficult. Living in the inner city has its own set of challenges. My parents tried really hard to keep us protected and sheltered in a way.” At age 14, she found body building as an outlet for personal expression, and has been a dedicated athlete ever since. She continues not only to further herself personally with this discipline, but also shares the positive intensity of this fitness endeavor with adults and children alike. Denise says, “It is up to us, as mentors, as adults, to show children, to show people, that the world is much bigger than what they see in front of them. After school programs, community centers, mentoring; these are all so important.

These are opportunities for us to show our youth what is out there and what their potential is. We need to tell them that they can do anything that they want, as long as they put their mind to it. My parents repeatedly told me, ‘You can be anything you want to be and you can do anything you want to do, if you are willing to go after it and work hard.’” She emphasizes that adults carry a responsibility to guide and inspire young people to do their personal best and reach beyond themselves. “It is as simple as saying, ‘I believe in you, you can do this, you have the power to do this,’ and that’s all they need to hear. That’s it. Those simple words are so indescribably powerful. It’s amazing. Every great thing, every fire, every passion, starts from a single spark. Be the spark.”

Julia Richey -01

Julia Richey, Arnold Fencing Event Chair and founder of the Royal Arts Fencing Academy, is this spark for so many people. A native of the Soviet Union, she began competing as a member of the Russian National Team at age 13, and then later went on to bring her love of fencing to America. She now teaches students who range in age and diversity from the very young to retirees and military veterans. She is passionate and driven to elevate fencing to a level of national recognition so that everyone can enjoy it. “My goal is to make fencing more popular than football in Columbus, Ohio.” Her message is simple and powerful. “In fencing, your results fuel your decisions…and you become the protagonist for your own life. Fencing is not a sport; it is an art. You must learn it.”

Tim Willson -01Tim Willson and his wife, Melissa, are Chairpersons for the Arnold Gymnastics Challenge, and owners of the Host Gym where they coach Cyclone Gymnastics together. Tim strongly believes “…the ones who truly achieve come from athletically-oriented and goal-oriented families. I was athletic. My dad was my coach in gymnastics at the Ohio State University. I think it’s a trickle-down effect. Our reward is seeing the enjoyment in these children’s faces when they attain a skill or a goal, and it betters them as a human being. We are not here to make champions. We are here to build character. We teach self-discipline, responsibility, motivation, setting goals. And when they attain a goal; that is the true joy for us.” This mentality is the thread that ties together coaches, mentors, and parents at the Arnold Sports Festival.

Brian Hallam -01Brian Hallam, President of US Spirit, is among them. “One of the great things that we have found about all of the cheerleading events here at the Arnold Sports Festival, and the teams that come in here, is that the coaches are teaching life lessons in addition to the athletic skills. This will prepare these kids for a great future; not just to be great athletes, but to be great in all of life.”

In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, himself, “It is no secret that working hard, eating well, and training every day, creates perfection. There are no short cuts. It’s all about work-work-work, train-train-train, do the reps, do the reps, and maybe you will become a champion. These are the lessons that you learn in life, in everything that you do. This is why I love sports.” An intense competitive passion for success, that driving desire to be “the best,” peaks at The Arnold Sports Festival. Yet the backbone of this event is not the glitz and the glamour of professional athletes and international recognition (although there is plenty of it.)

Jim-Sky-Box -02No, the real spark that sets the Arnold Sports Festival ablaze is the spirit of achievement, whether it is through victory, or from the lessons learned in failure. The words, “You can do this! I can do this!” beat in the heart of every athlete. The true meaning of the Arnold Sports Festival is the Gold Metal Mentality found within these competitors, coaches and parents, the event’s facilitators, and don’t forget the fans! They are the definition of the Arnold Sports Festival. They ARE the spark!

Sarah Serafin -03

Sarah Serafin is a writer and artist. For over a decade she has studied and written about health, fitness, nutrition, alternative medicine, and martial arts. She is a mother of two and lives in Chagrin Falls. All photographs by Maurice Warrick Newman.

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Awakened World Int’l Film Festival Retreat~ Association for Global New Thought

(EMAILWIRE.COM, sales May 24, 2012 ) Singapore, SG — Studies reveal that one third of adult population in the world snores. Hours of disrupted sleep not only trouble the ones who snore but also the sleeping partner of the snorer. Many relationships tend to fall apart just because of the discomfort that snoring brings to both the partners. There are, however, many Snore Stop solutions that can be utilized to get rid of snoring.

People who snore tend to wake up in the morning with a feeling of incomplete rest and feel the urge to go back to sleep again. For all

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“What I Want in a Man with Whom I AM in an Intimate, Loving, Spiritual & Passionate Relationship”

(EMAILWIRE.COM, sales May 24, 2012 ) Singapore, SG — Studies reveal that one third of adult population in the world snores. Hours of disrupted sleep not only trouble the ones who snore but also the sleeping partner of the snorer. Many relationships tend to fall apart just because of the discomfort that snoring brings to both the partners. There are, however, many Snore Stop solutions that can be utilized to get rid of snoring.

People who snore tend to wake up in the morning with a feeling of incomplete rest and feel the urge to go back to sleep again. For all

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Summer Tech Camp – an Essential Program for your Child

(EMAILWIRE.COM, sales May 24, 2012 ) Singapore, SG — Studies reveal that one third of adult population in the world snores. Hours of disrupted sleep not only trouble the ones who snore but also the sleeping partner of the snorer. Many relationships tend to fall apart just because of the discomfort that snoring brings to both the partners. There are, however, many Snore Stop solutions that can be utilized to get rid of snoring.

People who snore tend to wake up in the morning with a feeling of incomplete rest and feel the urge to go back to sleep again. For all

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