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Going to Extremes By Pat Williams, Sr. VP Orlando Magic

Pat-Williams-3x5-ColorGoing to Extremes
By Pat Williams, viagra sale Sr. VP Orlando Magic

Call me an extreme dreamer.

I believe in dreaming big dreams and doing everything on an extreme scale. I could never be a chef, because I couldn’t stick to the recipe. I’d figure if a pinch of salt improves the soup, imagine what a cup of salt would do!

Everything I do, I do to extremes. I’m proud to be an extreme dreamer. The world has been transformed and revolutionized, again and again, by people who dreamed extreme dreams—then assembled dynamic teams to turn those dreams into reality. Dream-builders are team-builders. Extreme dreams really do depend on teams.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, I was general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers. A big part of my job was to help recruit a great coaching staff and great players to the team. The Sixers team I helped assemble in 1983 swept the Los Angeles Lakers in the finals, winning the NBA Championship.

I moved to Orlando in 1986 to help launch the Orlando Magic. Once again, I was in the dream-building and team-building business. Soon after we got our NBA expansion team up and running, we got a terrific break. As you may know, the NBA lottery is conducted by whirling Ping-Pong balls in a lottery machine. In back-to-back lotteries (1992 and 1993) those Ping-Pong balls bounced our way, allowing us to acquire two young star players—Shaquille O’Neal and Penny Hardaway.

Suddenly, our little franchise in Orlando was the most up-and-coming young team in sports. We got to the NBA Finals in 1995 and reached the Eastern Conference Finals in 1996. Over my NBA career, twenty-three of my teams have made the NBA Playoffs and five have gone to the NBA Finals.

Once you put teamwork into practice, your dreams will begin transforming into reality. Whether you’re building a professional sports team, launching a magazine, starting a software company or growing a nonprofit organization, your dream needs a team. That dream team will challenge and inspire you in a profound and life-changing way.

Encourage everyone in your organization, your office, and your family to dream extreme dreams, then put together teams to make those dreams come true. Let’s go to extremes . . . !

Pat Williams is co-founder and senior vice president of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. An author of over 100 books, he is an extremely popular corporate speaker. Connect with Pat via his website at www.PatWilliams.com on Facebook at PatWilliams.OrlandoMagic or via twitter @OrlandoMagicPat.

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Can “The Greatest LOVE of All” Help Heal Anorexia?

Can “The Greatest LOVE of All” Help Heal Anorexia?

by Marchia Carnicelli Minor, Co-publisher Healthy Referral Newspaper, host Mind Your Body and Spirit Radio Show, Advisory Board NHF

Learning Who we are is one of the most precious Gifts we can give ourselves! A Gift that only we can open!  In a world that has so many mixed messages to Be, to Think, to Look like someone else there is no doubt as to why so many women ~ & men also can  think so lowly of self that they find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of ups and downs where the downs out-number the ups! Then add on top of that the mired of things such as poor relationship experiences, family issues, certain type of religious beliefs, competition of many sorts we can see how low self esteem may find its way into our young people’s lives in the form of eating disorders such as Anorexia.

How do I know this can be so? Because I myself walked through the opportunity of making a decision to BE me; to Love me; to Take Really good care of me. It was a time that became very clear that I was being given an opportunity to make a choice! A choice to care enough for myself. To reach deep down inside and reconnect spiritually. A time when my inner voice said, “STOP! Stop comparing yourself to others and falling short! Start recognizing & expressing YOUR talents & gifts! There is only one of you and you are as unique as each & every other person on the planet.” I began to fall in love with myself ~ the Greatest Love of All from which all others flow! It is the reservoir from which to draw.

We can only give what we already have!  When we realize who we really are and are grateful for our own talents & gifts we can truly begin to live & be the person we were born to be!  Yes Anorexia has to do with a disorder of eating, however, that is only the result of what is being felt ~ or not felt inside our being. Once again I will say that when we truly love & like ourselves for who we are magic begins to take place! It all begins with us and our recognition that we are a part of something much greater! Something that is holding all things together. When we are living our purpose ~ our passion we are H a P p Y beings! We look forward to each moment with anticipation & excitement which is how it is meant to be!

In my conversations with people I share the importance of finding what one is passionate about. What creates an excitement that carries them through each day eager to be living and experiencing what life is offering. I also recommend that they turn off any negativity that is making its way to them in the forms of relationships that are not healthy & supportive.

In my opinion I do not need to tap into the many forms of media feeding me THEIR side of things whether we are talking about TV/radio/newspapers etc. I recall years ago as a child hearing things such as: “Be sure to read the newspapers so that you know what is going on in the world.” Listen to the news on the TV & radio to again be sure I am up on what is happening. The interesting part of all of this was that at the same time I was feeling…NO! No I am not feeling that doing that is healthy for me. Making our own decisions about what we are allowing into our lives; into our Hearts; into our souls is so very important!

So remember if you are experiencing eating disorders ~ yes you want to get a handle on the eating issue, however, from my experience when we go directly to the issue ~ to the cause then we are more able to HEAL! To Heal our wounds that are leading us to harm ourselves. To the real source of it all. May we all experience The Greatest Love of All so that true Healing may take place! Be your own Beautifull!

Written by co-publisher of the Healthy Referral Newspaper, the national full size newspaper on natural heath and personal/spiritual development marchia carnicelli minor.  Marchia is also long time radio host of Mind Your Body and Spirit interviewing such guests as Gandhi’s grandson Arun,  Dr Christopher Hills, PhD, Pioneer in the research of spirulina for the hunger problem,  opera star Andrea Bocelli, Butch Reynolds, Olympic Gold/Silver and former world record holder 400 meters, and Caldwell Esselstyn, MD., author Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease.

Available for speaking/consulting contact marchia at 216-533-2273 or email at  [email protected] and [email protected] The Healthy Referral Newspaper, est. 1989, covers the world of natural health and positive news.

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How to Improve Your Outcomes and Results

How to Improve Your Outcomes and Results
May 4, cure 2012 by Michael Gidlewski, President Achievement Unlimited, Philadelphia, PA.
image003I believe that no one has to be a victim of the past. Attitudes are habits formed through repeated exposure to ideas or behaviors, so old attitudes can be changed by using the same fundamental learning process that formed them in the ?rst place – spaced repetition.

We know that if you use the power of spaced repetition to change the ideas you read see and hear every day, it will begin to change the way you think. If we use the spaced repetition of powerful ideas and actions we can change our conditioning process and scripting programs and our belief systems so that our habits of thought, our attitudes, change too. As your thinking changes you will start to develop new attitudes and the way you act will change.

Your behavior will become more positive and productive as your thinking becomes more positive and productive, and when that happens, the results you get from life will become more positive and productive.

The change in attitude will bring about changes in behavior and the results you
achieve will improve and grow in signi?cance. With improved results, the quality and quantity of the success you enjoy will also increase. People want to change their results, people want to do better.

So if you think differently, you’ll have a more positive attitude. You’ll take different actions and bring about more of the results you want in life. Attitude motivation works from the inside out. What’s more, when people understand and apply this concept, they discover they can be proactive and select the results they want and start inputting new ideas into their brain immediately. This in turn generates new ways of thinking and being which starts to change their actions to bring about those predetermined results. By doing this, you become a bene?ciary of your own process to get the results you want. You develop a bene?ciary mentality.

Before you can achieve new results in your life, you must believe it’s possible
which probably means you need to change you current thinking. Henry Ford said if you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right either way. You will achieve only when you have the attitude that you can achieve.

We are all creatures of habits and when we change our habits, our habitual ways of thinking and acting, we change our results for the better. Phone: 610 793 6609 /Email: [email protected]

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