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Chautauqua Goes Farm to Table

Chautauqua (www.ciweb.org) Goes Farm to Table

To anyone who has visited the Athenaeum Hotel at Chautauqua Institution the will see the support we give to local farmers and purveyors of culinary arts. From the spring and fall farm to tables that invite guests to enjoy the Athenaeum pre and post season to Heirloom Restaurant that utilizes local ingredients throughout the nine week summer season.

To ensure that we keep up with growing season and local trends the communication between the growers and Chef Travis Bensink (in photo)  must be open and ongoing. During the winter current winter months the focus is on root vegetables and any greenhouse items that locally sourced. Places like the Bio Dome in Jamestown NY are a great place to get items this time of year as they focus on the indoor gardening concept.

They provide year round growing for many greens, herbs and vegetables. As far as root vegetables Abers Acres in Kennedy Ny grows and provides year round opportunity for purchasing items like finger ling potatoes, beets, sweet potatoes and other various items. Canning and curing are also very important in our industry during the winter months as the availability is limited as to what we can receive.

Planning ahead and having an idea of what you will need and use is extremely important. With all these things tying together the farm to table concept most local restaurants can be successful in still serving fresh local ingredients during the winter months.

Chef Bensink joined the Athenaeum Hotel in March 2014. A native of Chautauqua County, he previously served as Executive Chef of Starmount Forest Country Club in Greensboro, North Carolina and prior to that was Events Chef and Lead Sous Chef at Print Works Bistro at the Proximity Hotel — also in Greensboro. He is a Certified Culinarian through the American Culinary Federation and a member of the Guilford Technical Community College Advisory Board. Since his arrival, the Athenaeum Hotel has launched Heirloom Restaurant and is continuing its focus on supporting local farmers and producers.

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We are blessed to bring pieces of our family tradition to you with sauces that have been in the De Massimo family for generations. From Abruzzo, Italy to your home, we hope you enjoy our sauces and they play an important part in your family’s fond memories.

NEW stores – The Butcher & Grocer in Grandview Heights and Miles Farmers’ Market in Solon. Click on image below and click on web site link.

De Massimo’s Authentic Sauces

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From the South Coast of Spain…Aciete Periana Olive Oil

Periana Olive Oil Mar. 2015
Announcing an Olive Oil coop that the local population is in love with. NEW to the US…from 1000 Year Old Trees!

aceite-olive-oil-This Cooperative is made up over 800 families which take meticulous care of 300, cialis sale 000 centuries old olive trees which, thumb together with the selection of the fruit and production process produce one of the finest extra virgin olive oils in the world.   This oil is produced in Periana the capital of the Alta Axarquia area, located 23 km to the north of the Velez-Malaga ( SPAIN ) and surrounded by olive groves. The Axarquia’s Verdial variety is exclusive to

Olive Oil- this geographical area. The municipality of Periana is the focal point with over 90% of this unique variety.

What Problem in Olive Oil Do We Solve? Help bring freshly produced Olive Oil to the market. Most olive oil sits in warehouses for many months. As soon as the Oil is ready we’re ready to send it. So it’s fresher. The area of Spain it’s from is ideal for olive oil growth. These trees bring from the soil nutrients particular to this area of the world that has a major influence on the Olive’s taste, color and shape. The Olives are picked at the height of freshness, in a way so as to not cause damage to them, as this would harm the taste.

The Olives are: Washed /Sorted. They are pressed using the oldest of techniques. The pressing is done as soon as possible to protect the Olive’s taste. Then the juice is collected as soon as it is pressed, set aside for 2-3 months to allow the sediment to collect to the bottom. It is then collected and bottled or put in a special tin so light does not oxidize the oil. Order inquiries contact: [email protected] and 347-687-9355 and 216-212-1061

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