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LaunchHouse is a Community of Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

LaunchHouse is a community of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Our collaborative environment is the launching pad for starting a business. We are the space, programs, resources and investment that founders need to transform ideas into successful companies. Since 2008, we have invested in a portfolio of 65 companies which have raised more than $29 million in follow on funding. There are also more than 30 businesses that call LaunchHouse home.

Our member Sue Marrone, the founder of Mosaic Junction, is about to launch Beta test! Mosaic Junction was developed for professionals who are constantly canvassing their world for insights, gathering random data, but often in scattered fashion. This intuitive software helps smart people transform chaos into useful patterns, by organizing material into a knowledge management platform facilitating various “what if?” scenarios. Mosaic Junction helps users better shape their insights, communicate their knowledge and more effectively collaborate with others.

LaunchHouse is truly about the community. Our members are always coming together to help one another. Recently, we had a group brainstorm to develop names for Launch Bars, a line of delicious snack bars created in partnership with the community of entrepreneurs here at LaunchHouse. We can be a great resource for the community by helping community leaders brainstorm and think through ideas. This week we met with a local school teacher who wants to get students more “real world” business experience. Before diving in, he met with LaunchHouse members to get feedback and advice.

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