Find Yourself and a Job in 30 Days

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Find Yourself and a Job in 30 Days


The workshop materials evolved from: The Job Book: Find Yourself and a Job in 30 Days and will be broken down into 10 parts, one for each of chapter.  Dr. Gerald Regni, DMD, a holistic dentist practicing in Philadelphia, PA was inspired to write the book after hearing from patient after patient that their children and associates were out of work or couldn’t find a job.

He felt responsible for doing something about it and along with his long time friend and associate Diane Phillips, who herself has authored many books, created a practical career owners manual for the modern job seeker. The book takes the reader through every step needed to determine one’s own unique strengths, attributes and natural approach to life, to the point of being skilled at artfully finding and applying for an optimum lifetime career that fits and that one will keep growing in.

The reader/attendee will discover that career options are abundant, not scarce, which will benefit self-esteem and a feeling of confidence to attract a career that excites and inspires throughout life. The reader is led to the best mentors, social media, career finders, effective resumes etc. for a satisfying career result. This book/course is a personal career owner’s manual, matching the reader and his lifelong career for individuals, career and guidance counselors, educators, universities, colleges and life coaches. It is the only book/course that is an exciting ride to personal discovery toward ideal career achievement. By the end of this career finding adventure, you will appreciate the discovery that your skills are welcomed by an abundance of job choices.

What You Will Learn With This Book (and course)

◉ Learn to find meaningful jobs that fit and how best to get there

◉ Change your opinion from “Jobs are Scarce” to “Jobs are Abundant”

◉ Discover that your skills are welcomed by an abundance of job choices

The book/course is currently available in kindle and print versions on and workshops can be scheduled at a venue of your choosing. For more information or to book a workshop email: [email protected]

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