A Powerful Hike in the Andes Births Inca Tea While Discovering the Amazing Healing Properties of Purple Corn

box3_02A Powerful Hike in the Andes Births Inca Tea While Discovering the Amazing Healing Properties of Purple Corn (Spanish: maíz morado) The Healing Properties of Purple Corn, no rx the superfood of the ancient Andes, there whose wonder was discovered by the Incas long ago continues to reveal the benefits it has to offer humankind today.

The healing properties of purple corn reside in the massive amounts of two phytonutrients contained within the plant: anthocyanins and phenolic. Purple corn is a significant source of three powerful antioxidants. This superfood has been found to be even more potent in antioxidants than blueberries. Accompanied by the healing properties of the above phytonutrients the benefits of antioxidant intake include: Cell regeneration that keeps us looking young and protected from disease.

Anthocyanins-One first notices the striking color of this particular
specie of maize and that is exactly where the healing begins. Anthocyanins are a type of complex flavonoid that produces blue, ailment red, and purple colors in plants.

Healing properties of this nutrient include: Help with the regeneration of connective tissues, cholesterol reduction, regulate diabetes, boost weight loss and assist with obesity issues. Stabilization and protection of capillaries and blood vessels from free radical damage.

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