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There is no escaping. We are all approaching the Elder Care Cliff. It is a matter of time……is your family ready?

On behalf of all of us who recognize your importance and appreciate your dedication and your sacrifice, I Stella Nsong would like to use the Elder Care Cliff Report (a new, short and to the point news paper) to raise awareness of the fact that without these invisible heros and without a solid plan for the eldercare system, America is facing a Caregiving crisis which I have decided to call the Elder Care Cliff.

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GMOs: ANYTHING but Natural!

Genetically Modified Organisms are lurking in your cuisine, and if you think you are safe because you buy “natural” products, I am here to burst your bubble. According to The NON GMO Project (, at least 80% of all processed foods contain genetically modified organisms [GMOs], including natural products claiming to be healthier for you.

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